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Fay Onyx

I am an artist and writer who loves magic and fantasy, but is profoundly frustrated with the ways in which oppression is so often recreated and enshrined within magical and fantastical worlds. In my writing I strive to challenge this on every level, starting from the ground up with careful and intentional world-building and use of symbols. My current writing project is a novel that is a series of intertwining and intersecting fairy tales written in the Grimms’ style.

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My Goals

To tackle oppression in a holistic manner. To move the center of focus onto people who live at the intersections. To take on all of the different, subtle ways that oppression gets recreated so that I can create narratives that heal and empower on multiple levels. To maintain an overall positive and empowering outlook while making space for the tough stuff people live with and affirming that life and oppression can be really difficult. To create stories all people can enjoy without reservation.


Holistic Approach to Tackling Oppression

For all my life I have felt a lack of stories that really incorporate all of us at the margins. Many people have addressed oppression one piece at a time. This is an important part of change, but I want to push it farther. If we only add in one or two oppressed identities at a time, the center of focus, the default human, never stops being cis while straight able-bodied men. My art tackles oppression in a holistic manner, aiming to include intersectional characters who represent a range of oppressed identities at once, just as the people in my life experience multiple oppressions at once. This includes representing women, people of color, sex workers, and people who are queer, pansexual, asexual, gender non-binary, trans, fat, femme, butch, disabled, neurodiverse, and polyamorous. But this alone isn’t enough. I also work to replace words, metaphors, symbolism, plots, and themes that contain oppression with ones that further empowerment.


Ethical Goals

To oppose oppression and oppressive structures. To seek out and dismantle as much oppression as I can in and through my work. To engage with guests in a manner that respects them as artists, thinkers, and cultural workers. To let guests decide how they want to be represented. To put in the prep work necessary to connect the projects and work of my guests to the discussion so that there is space for them to share/delve into aspects of their own work and experience (not just mine). To make being a guest on my podcast an experience that is mutually rewarding and that we both benefit from.


About The World of Alchemy

This magical world exists without sexism and homophobia.

Northern Alchemy is a fairy tale world with abundant magic where everyone is the hero of their own fairy tale and fairy tales can cross and intersect in a very interesting ways. My current fairy tale writings take place in this part of the world.

Equatorial Alchemy is a region with more predictable magic. It is a more classic fantasy setting with more serious stories that have epic arcs. The writing projects in this part of the world are very exciting, but longer term projects.


Writing Plans

I am currently working on a set of short fairy tales and a fairy tale novel. This set of short stories (the Tala stories) will stand on their own, but also will be set into the novel.

I have longer term writing projects that are more serious, epic fantasy writings and I look forward to getting the chance to share those as well.



You can email me at: fayonyx at writingalchemy dot net



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Banner art

The beautiful banner art of Tala and the world of Alchemy was created by artist Niki Smith.



Lara Milton of Spectrum Editing provides the editing for the stories on this site (but not for the discussions, articles, or site itself, so any typos there are entirely my responsibility).

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