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Skills List

Your character is an expert in their chosen skills and the skills granted by their class. You may attempt any other skill on this list, you just won’t be an expert when doing it. Note that some class abilities allow characters to be experts at using a group of skills when they are using them in specific circumstances.


Mind Skills

 All of these skills are used by rolling mind.


  • Arcana: You know about magic and arcane matters. This includes identifying the magic others cast, identifying magical object, and knowing how to use magical devices.
  • Culture: You know about the customs, history, and local people of your region as well as how to appropriately interact with people of diverse social groups. This includes the ability to speak and read other languages and the ability to appraise the value of items.
  • Engineering: You know math, geometry, basic physics, and how machines work and can deduce the function and use of machines and non-magical devices you encounter. You also know how to construct, disable, or destroy simple machines and devices (including doors, carts, and tools).
  • Nature: You know about nature, including animals, plants, weather, and regional geography. This knowledge includes natural areas that lie below ground.
  • Religion: You know about religious matters, including deities, their worshipers, other planes of existence, and the undead.

Social skills:

  • Animal handling: You are skilled at understanding, interacting with, and training animals.
  • Deception: You are skilled at lying and deceiving.
  • Diplomacy: When you are being honest with others, you are skilled at convincing them.
  • Intimidation: You are skilled at intimidating people.
  • Performance: You are skilled at one or more methods of performance such as playing musical instruments, singing, oratory, recitation, feats of skill and dexterity, comedy, juggling, circus arts, dance, and theater. Experts at performances own all of the equipment needed for one type of performance. This can include a musical instrument, theatrical make-up and costuming, juggling balls, and dancing shoes. Performance also includes physical forms of disguise, such as make-up, altering body posture, and disguising one’s voice.

Awareness skills:

  • Perception: You are skilled at perceiving things in the environment around you.
  • Insight: You are skilled at assessing the hidden feelings and motivations of others.
  • Survival: You are skilled at tracking, first aid, and finding the things you need to survive in a wilderness setting.


Body Skills

All of these skills are used by rolling body.

 Strength skills:

  • Athletics: You are skilled at running, jumping, and other strength-based athletic abilities.
  • Climbing: You are skilled at climbing with and without climbing gear. Experts in this skill own rope, a grappling hook, and a hammer and pitons.
  • Crafting: You are skilled at making and repairing things. You may create and repair simple objects on your own. In order to repair complex objects you must have crafting tools. In order to create complex objects you must have both crafting tools and crafting materials. Experts in this skill have both crafting tools and crafting materials.
  • Flying: You are skilled at performing complex maneuvers while flying and handling challenging flying situations. Having this skill does not grant you the ability to fly.
  • Riding: You are skilled at riding mounts, staying in the saddle, and doing complex maneuvers while mounted. Having this ability does not make you an expert at mounted combat (see the fighter martial training list for mounted combat).
  • Swimming: You are skilled at swimming and taking actions underwater.

Dexterity skills:

  • Acrobatics: You are skilled at tumbling, rolling, landing safely, and keeping your balance in challenging situations.
  • Escaping: You are skilled at escaping from any form of physical restraint or captivity.
  • Profession: You are skilled at a profession. Choose your profession is when you take this skill. You have all the equipment needed to carry out your profession and can earn coin doing it.
  • Slight of hand: You are skilled at slight of hand tasks such as pick pocketing, picking locks, and disabling traps. In order to pick locks you must have lockpicks. Experts in this skill own a set of lockpicks.
  • Stealth: You are skilled at sneaking and hiding.

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