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My Core Values:

Writer Manifesto Part 1

Writer Manifesto Part 2


Noteworthy Articles I’ve Written:

Why Having Conditional Privilege Is Not the Same as Simply Being Privileged

Five Frustrating Sexist Romantic Tropes

Anger, Entitlement, and Oppression

Gamer Writing Solutions: Using Dice to Create Better Characters

Mean Humor and Dehumanization

Personal Responsibility

Celebrating the Long Night of Winter Solstice


Essential Reading:

This collection of the articles and works by other people that I keep coming back to. As of right now, this list is incomplete and I intend to keep adding to it.

What free speech is and isn’t: xkcd comic #1357

Why it is important to not replicate bigoted tropes in writing: “Diversity, Political Correctness and The Power of Language” by Mikki Kendall

Making friends with failure: “Be Friends with Failure” comic by Stephen McCranie

The importance of predators to ecosystems: “How Wolves Change Rivers” youtube video

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