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Areas of Accessibility to Consider for Tabletop Games

Here is a list of four areas of accessibility to consider as you start a conversation with your gaming group about accessibility needs:

1) Find out what kinds of game systems are going to work for the participants (game complexity, how much math is needed, game pieces with small font, small pieces that require fine motor skills)

2) What types of content should be avoided (phobias, triggers, how much oppression is in the game world, how much violence, will characters die, overall tone, conflict between player characters) or if there are things players want included

3) Choose a gaming location that is accessible to all (physical accessibility, sensory aspects of the space like how loud is it and if there are lights in people’s faces, food, seating options)

4) Social dynamics during the game are also important (X-card, check-ins, regular plot recaps, breaks, buddy note takers, online notes)


I am hoping to add a bunch of links and resources to this page over time.

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