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Castle Panic Mini Review

This mini-review was created for The Nifty Nerds’ list of The Best Games for 2 Players. I love cooperative games, and one of my absolute favorite cooperative boardgames is Castle Panic. In it the players cooperate to defend their castle against a horde of monsters (goblins, orcs, and ogres) that are attacking it. The different […]

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Introducing Magic Goes Awry

  Magic Goes Awry: A high fantasy role-playing system that is light on rules and heavy on magical mayhem This is a rules-light role-playing system designed for people who want to create a fun and interesting high fantasy story together. My goal in creating this game was to capture the fun of Dungeons and Dragons in […]

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Neurodiverse people have brains that operate differently from the norm. I’ve noticed that it is common for the traits that come from these operation differences to be split into two categories: beneficial traits and traits that cause struggle. In many cases it is only the traits that cause struggle that are identified as a part […]

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