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  Note: This article was created to be the introduction to the first podcast episode of Unfamiliar Heroes. You can listen to it read aloud in Unfamiliar Heroes Episode Zero.   I am going to start by saying that, in general, there is an absence of stories with disabled characters. When disabled characters do show […]

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The Wishing Dildo Part 1, Chapter 3

This is the third bite-size chapter of The Wishing Dildo series! Summary: It is said that the Wishing Dildo can grant any wish relating to sexuality or fertility, as long as that wish is consensual. Prince Hart sure hopes that is true as he and his friend, trickster Tala, embark on a quest for it. […]

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Announcing Unfamiliar Heroes, a podcast series in which three disabled and/or chronically ill players and a game master will play story-focused tabletop role-playing games in which all of the player characters have disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. Each game will be a one shot that will be recorded in one to four sessions and then broken […]

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