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Penguins and Tea Cups

This is a humorous piece I wrote several years ago and I think it is about time I shared it on this blog. I had a strange dream last night, really strange for me because it didn’t have a proper plot and most of my dreams have a plot. A bunch of birds were creating […]

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The Love’s Captive Book Series

This is a fictional book series I made up for my Pathfinder group (a tabletop role playing game based on Dungeons and Dragons). In our fictional world, romance novels seem to always include stories of epic adventure. This series is very popular within our world and the author is a mystery. I created this using […]

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Podcast Episode 3 Is Up!

Community-organizer and media-creator Tobi Hill-Meyer returns to join Fay for the reading of the second half of “Tala and Godmother Death,” followed by a discussion that focuses on gender exploration in trans literature, the importance of depicting forgiveness with consequences, and the humanizing potential of humor. Check it out!

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