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The Wishing Dildo Part 1!

I’m very excited to announce that Part 1 of “The Wishing Dildo” is complete and ready for you to enjoy! Summary: It is said that the Wishing Dildo can grant any wish relating to sexuality or fertility, as long as that wish is consensual. Prince Hart sure hopes that is true as he and his […]

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Podcast Episode 7 Is Online!

I am very excited to release the first episode of the Writing Alchemy Special on Self-love! This episode departs from the usual Writing Alchemy format to focus on the topic of self-love in a workshop-style collaboration between Fay Onyx and Liz Cruz that explores barriers to self-love and self-love practices as experienced by people living […]

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Current events show that the trans community is increasingly becoming a target of anti-LGBT bigots (The Calculated Republican “Trans Bathroom” Wedge Strategy). This is clearly a divide and conquer wedge strategy. However, I’m beginning to think that this is more than just that. I’m beginning to think that this is also a direct result of […]

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