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The Wishing Dildo Part 1, Chapter 5

This is the fifth bite-size chapter of The Wishing Dildo series! Summary: It is said that the Wishing Dildo can grant any wish relating to sexuality or fertility, as long as that wish is consensual. Prince Hart sure hopes that is true as he and his friend, trickster Tala, embark on a quest for it. […]

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New Wishing Dildo Podcast!

In this third podcast segment of The Wishing Dildo Series, the adventure continues as we get to know Anissa, and then the five companions visit the temperamental rulers of the Gilded Kingdom. The story is followed by a discussion about brain diversity, mental health, and the gifts and struggles of ADHD with spiritual atheist Kathleen […]

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Very excited to be releasing my first part b podcast episode of my new format! Check it out! Today’s discussion with hesitant art activist Lector Josue Morales focuses on the topics of art and activism and how they intersect with disability, community, and race. In this conversation we challenge ourselves to expand our ideas about […]

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