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I’ve just released Episode 8 of my podcast which is the second half of the Writing Alchemy Special on Self-Love. I was smiling so much as I was editing the audio for this, there is a lot of great stuff in this episode! Please check it out! Summary: This episode is a workshop-style collaboration that […]

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Podcast Episode 7 Is Online!

I am very excited to release the first episode of the Writing Alchemy Special on Self-love! This episode departs from the usual Writing Alchemy format to focus on the topic of self-love in a workshop-style collaboration between Fay Onyx and Liz Cruz that explores barriers to self-love and self-love practices as experienced by people living […]

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Podcast Episode 5 Is Up!

Prince Hart is asexual, but his parents and many suitors are having a hard time accepting that. When the trickster Tala decides to come to his aid, chaos naturally ensues in this exuberant story that is a playful response to the all too common romanticization of boundary-crossing behaviors! In this episode, writer and cultural-worker Gina […]

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Podcast Episode 4 is Up!

Activist and writer Jessica Miriam Littenberg joins Fay for the reading of part 1 of “Tala and Prince Hart,” which focuses on Prince Hart’s experience of being asexual in a society that does not recognize asexuality. Jessica then reads one of her powerful poems about transphobia. The following discussion focuses on the experience of not […]

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Podcast Intro

I have two options for my Writing Alchemy Podcast intro. Please take a listen to both of them and tell me which one you like best (I’d also love to hear why if you have time). Thanks! 🙂 Intro A: Intro B:   Kickin’ in the Turbo (Alasdair Cooper) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 We Are […]

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Podcast Plans

Plans for the podcast are moving forward. Right now I am still searching for an artist create a banner for it and learning about the process of getting a podcast up on itunes so that we can get everything set up right from the beginning. Here is what I do know right now: Each episode […]

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