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In this context, a hack is an alteration of a game. All of these games are based on Lasers & Feelings, which is is a free, one-page game system by John Harper that creates science fiction stories much like campy Star Trek episodes (fan-made character sheet 1, fan-made character sheet 2). Because Lasers & Feelings has a creative commons license, it is legal for others to take the core structure of this game and alter it so that it has a different setting.

This page is a list of as many Lasers & Feelings hacks as I could find, roughly organized by genre. Currently this list contains at least 177 different hacks (as of May 17, 2022). Please let me know if there are other hacks I can add to this list!


Distopian Sci-Fi

Lasers and Treason (updated version):

Lasers and Treason (original):


Fantasy Sci-Fi

Scientists & Sorcerers (a world of science has merged with one of magic):

Planets & Dragons (space opera meets the Viking Age):


Star Wars

Senate & Sabers (set during the Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Episodes 1-3):

Lights & Hopes (themed after the Original Trilogy, Star Wars Episodes 4-6):


Outer Space

Adventures in Space Garbage (about a salvage ship, more complicated than Lasers & Feelings):

Adventures in Space Garbage pdf (same as above, adjusted layout with two columns):

Quick & Dirty Battle Born (mech warriors in a spaceship):

Starships and Scoundrels (space western inspired by Firefly):

Ultimate Badass (space marines):

Sungrass and Supernovas (a stoner metal sci-fi adventure about a transport ship):


Doctor Who

Day of the Doctors:


Post Apocalyptic and Apocalyptic (may contain racism)

Vehicle Riders:

Blood and Chrome:

Witness Me:

Ride Eternal (based on Fury Road):


Grit & Guts:

Zombies and Humans (you’ve been bitten and have to make it to the outpost with the cure):


Riots! & Communes:

Wastelanders (protecting your settlement):

Hyper Light/Drifter (science fantasy adventure):

Wheels & Walls (political satire using a post-apocalyptic setting):

Blade & Spirit (an apocalyptic Samurai adventure with corrupted spirits and demons):

Killer Crustaceans Find God (mutant crab warriors on a mission to kill the last god, the stats are Gay and Disaster):



Clockwork Pace (web archive version):

Clockwork Pace:

Sturdy & Wilde Detective Agency (steampunk Victorian mystery):



Neon and Chrome:

Rockerboys and Vending Machines:


Boy Problems (heist of a vault of Carly Rae Jepsen music, costs $7.00 USD):

Gun Elf (a crew of Elven runners in a cyber-distopia, inspired by Shadowrun):



Tactical Waifu (anime girl operators):

Tactical Waifu character sheet (color):

Tactical Waifu character sheet (black and white):


Magical Girls

Friendship & Fukus:

Love & Justice (includes friendship dice and a group power mechanic):–Justice



Spider and Man (Spider-Man multiverse crossovers):

Even More Spiders! (based on Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse):

Power and Grace:

Powers and Punches:

Power and Responsibility:

Cape & Bureau (this one makes alterations to the core system):

Super: Brains & Brawn:

Brains vs Brawn (vintage superheroes and supervillains):

Bizarre & Adventure (a few people can use their minds to manifest figures with special powers, music themed):

Punches & Plans (Supervillains):



Tights & Fights (pro wrestling):

Cars & Family (version 2, racing game based on The Fast and the Furious):

Cars & Family (original):

MOIST/Talk (Blaseball players, which are players of a baseball-like game in an absurdist, horror world):


Animal Characters

Magical Pets (you are the pets of students or teachers at a magic school, available in English and German):

Lobsters & Feelings (sea creatures):

Libary Cats (magical house cats tasked with keeping a magical library safe):

Animal Crossing RPG (a town of anthropomorphic animals):

Action Cat (cat action heroes):

Lasers & Felines (misbehaved cats getting up to mischief):

Whiskers & Claws (mouse guards at a remote outpost):

Whiskers & Claws character sheet:

The Mice-Men of Mirewald (mouse messengers on the treacherous journey to deliver the mail to a distant outpost, some changes to the system which make it more complicated):

Luchadoratón (mouse wrestlers):

Harts & Minds (you are a psychic, cybernetically–augmented deer with a gun in a post apocalyptic setting):–Minds

One & Thousands (rabbits, based on Watership Down):



Oh, Dang! Bigfoot Stole My Car With My Friend’s Birthday Present Inside:

Ah, Dang! Mothman Won’t Move Out (He Said It Was Just For The Weekend):

Uh, Dang! My E.T. Neighbour Is A Conspiracy Theory Guy (throw a birthday party without your neighbor making it weird):

Deadbeat Monster Dad (a bunch of half-sibling monsters hunt down their human dad):



Battles & Besties (monster taming fun):–Besties

Mechas & Monsters (kaiju battling robots):–Monsters


Paranormal and Supernatural

Ghostbusters (alters the core system):

Spirit Wardens (finding and removing ghosts, ranges from silly to serious):

Die For You (angsty supernatural drama):

Monster Hunters & Lovers (gothic horror loosely set in the 18th century):

Blood & Wine (vampire):

Royal Blood (vampires doing shadowy machinations and Gothic melodrama):

Bloodthirsty & Manipulative (vampires):

Bloodthirsty & Manipulative (alternative link):

Sexy Hairdresser Vampires:

Doves & Demons (monster slayers):

Reckoning World (monster slayers, based on Hunter the Reckoning):

Saving People/Hunting Things (monster slayers, based on monster-of-the-week shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Supernatural):

Pack of Strays (werewolves):

Tricks & Treats (Halloween themed):

Hearts & Haunts (players are the spirits of the dead who want to scare away or befriend the interlopers):


Schools and Teens

Campers & Counselors (costs $1.00 USD):

Pizza & Heroics (teen superheroes):

The Original Diaries of the Masquerade of the Bloody Twilight (teenage vampires):

Magic & Mischief (wizard school, updated summer 2020):

Magic & Mischief (alternate link for updated summer 2020 version):–Mischief

Magic & Mischief (wizard school, original):

Magic & Muggle Stuff (wizard school):

Erasers & Teachings (teachers at a primary school):

Truth & Daring (6th graders in the 1980s):

Truth & Daring character sheet:

Phantom Thieves (teenage punks enter the Multiverse Palaces to steal the hearts of evil adults):


Preschool and Kindergarten

Power and Puff (inspired by Power Puff Girls, superpowered siblings in kindergarten):

Muppet Babies RPG:



Heavy Metal in Outer Space (a heavy metal band on a cruise spaceship):

Roots Radicals (playing in a skacore band and also sometimes fighting ninja):

Create & Devastate (Young adults with Hip Hop magic in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting):

Metal Overtüre: Brutal Icons (heavy metal battle of the bands with magic, maybe supernatural elements):

Rock Fuck! (a rock band that are also heroes who save the world, based on the work of Ninja Sex Party, NSFW):

Punks and the Fever Pitch (saving punk rock in your hometown):

Sweet Riffs and Power Chords (bards that can summon, command, and banish Elder Things):


Cosmic Horror (may contain ableism)

No, No, Nyarlathotep! (trouble on the opening night of “a musical that may or may not summon an entity from the Cthulhu mythos”):

Fire! and The Necronomicon (Lovecraftian adventure):

Bloodborne (hunters in a nightmare world, uses ten-sided dice):

Teachers and Tentacles (investigation):–Ver-12

Sanity & Sorcery:

Fear & Reason (note that this has an insanity system):

Madness & Desire (a “mashup of Cthulhu horror and the reality TV shows where many single people fight for the love of one person”):

Books & Bullets (weird horror, investigation, and pulp adventure):

Eldrich Feelings:

Real & Cake (characters become increasingly bound to the cake dimension):–Cake-One-Page-RPG

Investigadores y Sectarios (cosmic horror hack in Spanish):


Mystery and Detective

Problem Sleuth (noir with scifi elements):

Hard Crime and Sweet Whispers (noir, catch the killer before you take the fall):

Daredevils & Detectives (“an aerial 1940s noir adventure”):

Characters Welcome – A Game Of Beach Mysteries (a prime-time mystery-drama set on the beach):


Spies, Stealth, and Heists

Pros & Cons (capable thieves pulling off a high stakes heist, uses playing cards instead of dice):

Shaken and Stirred (Spies):

Agents & Ciphers:

Agents & Ciphers (version with bits of text blacked out, humorous, harder to use):

Guns & Mojo:

Murtle Grr (Tactical Agency Rejection) (a group of applicants “recently rejected from a top-secret military organization” undertake a high-tech stealth mission to prove themselves):



Guns N’ Sharks (recreates shark movie stories, set in an underwater research lab):

Parley & Plunder (pirates):

Atlantis Deep (a race to uncover the mysteries of Atlantis):


Western (may contain racism)

Cowpokes & Spyfolks (spies in the Los Alamos labs of the 1950s):

Weird Wild Wuxia West (a world of six-guns, sorcery, kung fu and dinosaurs):

Grit & Slick (the weird west):

Quickdraws & Longshots:

Deputies & Desperados:–Desperados

Guns & Guile:–Guile–A-Lasers–Feelings-Western-Hack

Bullets & Bourbon:


Historical World Settings (may contain racism)

Upstairs & Downstairs (an aristocratic family and their staff at a French château during World War I):

Witches of 1941 (witches in WWII):

Fortune & Glory (1930s pulp adventure):

Poisons & Perfumes (Middle East):

The Little Dance – Yin & Yang (China):

DAISHO (Japan, based on The Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game):

Honor & Oni (Japanese Samurai):

Honor & Oni (alternative link):

Glory and Gold (the Roman Empire):


Fairy Tales, Legends, and Mythology

Bridge Trolls (Inspired by the Three Billy Goats Gruff):

Wits & Chivalry (Knights of the Round Table):

Wits & Chivalry character sheet:

The Fading Flame:

The City of Ys Returns (investigating the island city of Ys has has just risen from the ocean):

Guns and Glamour (a western type story in a Celtic mythology setting):



Sins & Virtues (pilgrims traveling through the desert to a holy site):

Halos & Hellfire (v0.5):


High Fantasy

World of Warcraft:

War and Craft:

World & Warcraft:

Dungeons & Dragons:

Age of Adventure (expanded rule set):

Swords & Sorcery: An OSR Fantasy Hack of Lasers and Feelings (old school D&D style, has additional mechanics like hit points, spells, and monster stats):

Scrolls & Swords:

Scrolls & Swords character sheet:

Muscles & Miracles:

Caverns & Kobolds (contains alterations to core system):

Dungeons with Dragons:–A-Lasers–Feelings-hack

Dungeons & Dragons:

Dungeons & Dragons (previous link):

Sages and Sabers …and Stealing, and Sorcery (slay monsters and explore dungeons):

Tiniest D&D Business Cards (mini game that fits onto business cards, there are two different rules options, the advanced version and the tiniest version):

Dungeons & Dragons with a Twist:

Potions & Plague Rats (a D&D type adventure in Corovia, a “dark fantasy land cursed by plague and virus)”:–Plague-Rats

Sorcerers & Sellswords (here the setting is a bit different):

Tires and Tribulations (Dungeons and Dragons tropes go fight monsters in the desert at night using monster trucks, many additions to the game rules):


Soft & Quirky (tiefling adventurers in the Misremembered Realms getting up to harmless hijincks):

Scavenge, Inc. (members of the subterranean excavation and retrieval company exploring ruins for treasure):

Danes and Dragons (humans and their dragons, seems like some alterations were made to the core mechanic):

Danes and Dragons character sheet:

Mage & Mundane (altered rules, magic focused):

Steel & Silver (based on The Witcher Series):


Political Drama (some contain ableism)

Politics and Policy:

Deals & Dementia (politicians):


Courtroom Drama

Facts & Innuendos (this one has alterations to core game system) (web archive version):

Facts & Innuendos (same as above, this is the original link which may be broken):


Video Games

Mining & Crafting (based on Mine Craft):

Pixels & Platforms: The Platform Crawl RPG (“inspired by retro 2D platformer video game”):

Evolsters & Friends (Pokémon-inspired):


Miscellaneous TV Shows and Movies

The Workplace (inspired by The Office, a mockumentary sitcom series):

Gold & Girl (Golden Girls):

The Virtual & the Reality (Matrix):

Surgery & Sex (medical drama):

Velocity & Volleyball (Top Gun):

Lost (rules in YouTube video, start around 13min in):

The Fire and the Well (based on Twin Peaks):

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (as in the comedic live action + cartoon movie, rules in YouTube video):

A Good Day to Roll Hard (Inspired by the Die Hard series of movies):

Brick Built (creates adventures using a heap of parts from a “highly sophisticated interlocking brick system”):

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2: The RPG (based on the movie):

The Expendables vs IT:

Pisskids and Ratbags (based on The Bachelorette reality TV show):

Potatoes & Molasses (Over the Garden Wall):

Properties & Brothers (siblings with a home remodeling reality show):


Contemporary Humor & Satire

College & Keg Stands (trying to keep a college beach party from getting too out of control, contains safety tools):

Logic & Bravery (Internet trolls):!BsgzjaBA!0HOSiFPAnal_zktDlxVeVg_ipUgVqJl1THM7-6NcxmY

Logic & Bravery character card:

Tools & Coconuts (stranded on a tropical island):

Hackers & Hustlers: A Silicon Valley (Mis)adventure (high tech farce in a San Francisco startup):

The Fight Before Christmas:

Police Procedure (a pointed satire about police harassment and brutality):

Wheels & Walls (people rejecting social doctrines fleeing across the desert to a utopia):


Core Game Systems

A Good Day to Die: This is an altered version of Lasers and Feelings that can be used for a wide range of settings. “Use AGDTD to play games that are brutal and don’t require a whole lot of crunch to work well. Cyberpunk, horror, sword and sorcery, gothic fantasy, etc. all work great with AGDTD”:

You Have Two Stats: A one-page tabletop RPG that is inspired by Honey Heist, Lasers & Feelings and numerous other hacks that allow to play using only two stat.

{{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]] (For those who want to make their own hack, this is a version with blanks ready to fill in):


Sources I used in assembling this list


Broken Links

These links are currently broken. I am working on tracking down alternative links to these games, but have not yet had success. Please let me know if you have any information on these games.

[Genra] Ed. (create a school adventure in the genre of your choice):

Adolescents and Cephalopods:


118 Responses to “Lasers and Feelings Hacks”

  1. Abby says:

    Luchadoraton caught my eye (how weird and fun!), as well as Harts and Minds and Danes & Dragons. Thanks for this, can’t wait to bring them to my RPG group.

    • FayOnyx says:

      I am so excited that you are finding this page useful! <3

      This was something I created because I need it. There are a few lists of Lasers & Feelings Hacks out there, but none of them are easy to use (they are either discussions in forums or long lists with no information on the content of the game). I am hoping to play some of these in my Unfamiliar Heroes Podcast Series, and I wanted to have a list I could show to participants to help them quickly find games they were excited about trying.

  2. Adam says:

    Is there a mirror for grit & slick? Link is broken. Thanks!

  3. dsrtrosy says:

    I just finished a L&F hack, but no idea where to host it. Suggestions?

  4. Joe says:

    The link to Pizza & Heroic is broken you can get from Google drive here:

  5. […] I’ve posted this on Twitter and on Tumblr, so why not here? While I’m plugging away at my own larger RPG project, the fine folks at Tempting Fate on Saving Throw Show inspired me to put together a hack of John Harper’s one page RPG Lasers & Feelings. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a game inspired by The Doubleclicks’ song of the same name, where your character is a member of a starship crew that leans more towards lasers (science, cold rationality, precise action) or feelings (intuition, diplomacy, passionate action). Since the system’s so simple it’s got a gang of hacks that people have made for different settings. […]

  6. Sherard Maine says:

    Hey all, thanks for the work you’ve all done compiling this

    I’m trying to figure out which (of the many, many options above) to use if I were to run a Disney themed adventure for my daughters – Sleeping Beauty, Tangled, Snow White, Frozen, Mulan, Brave, Cindarella should all be doable – I figured it would have to be called “Wear a Dress and have an Animal Sidekick”, so maybe hack Danes with Dragons?

    There would surely be room for such a hack even in a crowded field like this one – which would you start with?

    • FayOnyx says:

      It is super awesome that you are making a hack to play with your daughters!
      I think there is a lot of room for more hacks that are children friendly, especially ones for girls.

      Danes and Dragons has a lot of extra stuff in it, so it might not be the easiest one to start with. If I was making a Disney themed hack, I’d start by looking at one designed for gameplay that would most closely fit my desired theme. The magical girls games would be worth looking at. You might also want to look at games aimed at kids or that are kid themed, such as Animal Crossing, Muppet Babies, Tricks & Treats, and the teen superhero games. Also, as a reminder, at the very bottom of the list is {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]], which is a form ready for you to fill in.

      In thinking about the core theme of the game, it can be helpful to think about the two key traits that the characters will be using. Maybe something like “Courage and Magic?” I think that would work especially well for something like Frozen. Or “Heart and Magic?” Or maybe “Courage and Love?”
      Or “Love and Daring?”

  7. […] If you like it, you can find a long list of other Lasers & Feelings hacks here. […]

  8. I just cranked out a quick and dirty political satire post-apocalyptic hack:

    Thanks for maintaining this list!

    • FayOnyx says:

      Thanks for giving me the link! I’ve got it up in the post-apocalyptic section (a tricky one to categorize, as it fits in two categories).

  9. May I offer up my own Lasers and Feelings hack?

    “The Mice-Men of Mirewald” mashes up L&F with Mouse Guard (and ends up pretty close to the premise of Luchadoraton). It diverges more from L&F than many other hacks I’ve read and ends up being more complicated as it tries to incorporate some Mouse Guard tech, but I think it’s L&F ancestry is still evident.

  10. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks, […]

  11. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks, […]

  12. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks, […]

  13. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks, […]

  14. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks, […]

  15. Roberto Bisceglie says:

    Too bad, some links are broken…
    I was searching for “dungeon & dragons” and {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]]
    Has somebody saved a copy of them?

  16. […] the persona classes, the stats, and the doable eventualities. The weblog Writing Alchemy has composed over forty of these hacks [UPDATE2/28/2019:Iftheplacementisdownusethis Wayback Machine link], […]

  17. […] Hour RPG Shadowrun 5th Edition Lasers and Feelings RPG Love and Justice RPGWhiskers and Claws RPG Lasers and Feelings Hacks (Holy crap there’s a lot of them) D20 […]

  18. Here’s my paranormal Lasers & Feelings hack:

    Saving People / Hunting Things

    (Based on Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural)

  19. Redwood Rhiadra says:

    Two more down links: Power & Responsibility, and Shaken & Stirred are both 404.

    • FayOnyx says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I was able to find an alternative link to Power and Responsibility and I have updated the list.

  20. Lauren Baker says:

    Bad news – the link for Facts and Innuendo is broken.
    Good news – I found it here on web archive:

  21. Technomagos says:

    Hi, I just posting what I believe is the only polished Star Wars hack (original trilogy themed) of Lasers and Feelings.

    Google drive link:

    Will appreciate if you include it in your list

    Many thanks and happy holydays!

  22. […] same rules mentioned in L&F apply to this game. This is just one of dozens, if not hundreds, of fan-made adaptations of the L&F formula. Try ’em […]

  23. Takefumi says:

    “Spirit Wardens” states “Based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper.”

  24. […] “lasers and feelings hacks” and you’ll constantly find something new. Here are two repositories for such. It was also based on this song by The Doubleclicks. Warning: it’s […]

  25. […] setting, the character classes, the stats, and the possible scenarios. The blog Writing Alchemy has collected over 40 of these hacks [UPDATE 2/28/2019: If the site is down, use this Wayback Machine link], […]

    • FayOnyx says:

      Hey there! I’m trying to share the link to your Top Gun hack of Lasers and Feelings, but when I click on the link you gave me it says that “You need access.” Could you check your privacy settings for this and give me a link that will work for anyone. Thank you so much!

  26. Aya says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together! This list is extremely useful, and I really appreciate the work you put into it

  27. James says:

    I’ve created a new fantasy hack in the spirit of the OSR. It has a bit more crunch for combat, as well as spells and monster stats tables. It’s called Swords and Sorcery and it can be downloaded for free from here:

  28. Daniel Fish says:

    I made a primary school based version, played it with some teachers last night 🙂

    Do let me know how it goes if you play it!

  29. […] people have made about a million variants and hacks, for almost every conceivable genre. The list here is a good start if you want to go down that rabbit hole. I need to do a full post soon about Lasers […]

  30. Carl says:

    I really appreciate the list have here. I found a few I didn’t have. 🙂 But while chasing hack and adaptations of L&F I noticed the following links seem to be broken or the files have been removed…

    Adventures in Space Garbage
    Clockwork Pace
    [Genra] Ed
    Honor & Oni

    Thanks for the list!

    • FayOnyx says:

      Thanks for the heads up!
      I found a web archive of Clockwork Pace and alternative links for DAISHO and Honor & Oni.
      In addition, I’ve messaged the creator of Adventures in Space Garbage and am waiting to hear back.
      [Genra] Ed has been moved to the broken links list.

  31. Alice says:

    Can you add this one?
    It’s based on Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

  32. Walfalcon says:

    How even did you find my hack (Problem Sleuth).
    I was not aware anyone read my blog.

    • FayOnyx says:

      Not sure about your game specifically, but I find some links through periodic google searches for “Lasers and Feelings Hack.” Searching popular upload sites, like DriveThruRPG, can be rewarding. And there are a surprising number of Reddit threads where people post links to hacks.

      In addition, the other person with a big list of hacks ( and I seem to be trading links back and forth. We each organize our lists very differently.

  33. DJSuptic says:

    Quick note for the Lasers and Treason entries, the Original is no longer around:

    Lasers and Treason (original):

    That one can be removed – the updated version is the live, real, current version 🙂

    Thanks also for hosting all these L&F links!

    • FayOnyx says:

      Thanks for writing in! The original link still works on my computer and I think that it is cool for folks to see the evolution of the the game from the original to the updated version. However, I have switched the order so that the updated version comes first to encourage folks to play the updated version. 🙂

  34. […] Harper’s later work, but given the sheer amount of hacks and adaptations (seriously, so many) it’s clear plenty of other designers were also inspired by Lasers & Feelings’ […]

  35. Hiya, quick updates:

    Cars & Family has been updated to version 2. The new version can be found at

    And there is a Ocean’s Eleven / La Casa De Papel / Leverage inspired heist hack of Lasers & Feelings that uses cards instead of dice as the randomiser called Pros & Cons:

  36. CurousCat says:

    Would you add my own hack “Magical Pets” to the list (under “Animal Characters” and/or “Schools & Teens” since you play the pets at a magical school)? It’s available in English and German:

  37. Walfalcon says:

    Hey! Thanks a ton for this! Maybe Problem Sleuth would fit better in the “contemporary humor” section though? No big deal if you don’t want to change stuff. Also I made another hack called “Roots Radicals”, it’s about playing in a skacore band and also sometimes fighting ninja.

  38. mightyshrimp says:

    Hey just wanted to thank you for putting together this list! It’s super helpful to have them all compiled into one page!

  39. DreamOfRlyeh says:

    I propose my modest contribution to the list: You Have Two Stats, a generic one page game, found here:
    Best regards !

  40. Hi!
    I published a new Lasers & Feelings hack, inspired by “The Office” (the comedy).
    You can find here:

    Thank you!

  41. enui says:

    I made a couple!
    Heavy Metal in Outer Space is about a heavy metal band on a cruise spaceship
    Monster Hunters & Lovers is a fan game for Judith Hunts, a gothic horror procedural narrative bot (think vampires, werewolves, villagers with pitchforks, and interestingly named taverns serving hearthy food. Also, your chance to play a goat)

    And thanks for keeping this lists, it has been invaluable!

  42. SGW says:

    Love the site and how everything is organized to make it easy to find what you might be looking for. It’s very useful to have these all together.

    I noticed that the {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]] link to google has now been filled out with a specific hack, so there is no “blank” version available anymore.


  43. Nalum Tei says:

    Investigadores y Sectarios ( is a cosmic horror hack in Spanish.

    Great list! Thanks a lot!

  44. Alex Switzky says:

    Here’s Power & Puff, an RPG about pre-teen superheroes:

    I just wrote this this morning with a lot of help from the hacks on here, thanks a lot!

  45. FayOnyx says:

    It seems that Blanks and Spaces no longer exists, as it has been copied over. I checked up in the web archive, but couldn’t find it. If other folks are up for looking, these are the links it used to be at:

    {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]] (For those who want to make their own hack, this is a version with blanks ready to fill in):

    {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]] (temporary link while Josh T Jordan’s website is down):

  46. ichewyou says:

    The hyperlink for Shaken and Stirred leads to Honor and Oni instead. As in the text is fine, but it leads to the wrong site.

  47. […] Start small and simple, for example by hacking John Harper’s “Lasers & Feelings” or Grant Howitt’s “Honey Heist”. You can even mix and match two hacks that already exist! […]

  48. No` says:

    Found “Bridge Trolls” yesterday:
    Surprisingly, its stats are not “Bridge” and “Troll”, but “Brawn and Bluff”.

  49. […] by John Harper is available for free as a PDF and is infinitely adaptable, with a number of hacks, or slightly tweaked versions of the game, available in every genre for free or at a low cost. […]

  50. Adrian says:

    Greetings. Could you kindly add my L&F heroic fantasy hack. Its called ‘AGE OF ADVENTURE RPG” …

  51. Scotch says:

    Hello there! I discovered L&F last week and saw this massive library of hacks, it’s so amazing! Three days ago I’ve decided to make one. Can you please add it to this list so that people can play too? It’s a dark fantasy RPG called Decay and Bloom.

    Thank you in advance, and I appreciate your work!

  52. Keenan says:

    Thanks for posting these! I’ve got one more for the Animal Characters category– Raccoons & Rubbish!

  53. Squidam says:

    Amazing list, I discovered many great games thanks to you!

    I made a hack some time ago : Stone Creatures (, where you play gargoyles arbitrating feuds and dispensing justice among the other supernatural beings hidden in the cities. I assume it would fit in the Paranormal and Supernatural category.


  54. Angel says:

    I wrote this that might fit in the animal category

  55. Just thought I’d throw my own “Lasers & Feelings” hack onto the pile. “Chords and Corpses” has the players as a horrorpunk band who keep running into the ghoulish, ghastly, paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial, and sometimes just the pedestrian.

    It’s a silly love letter to bands like the Misfits, Blitzkid, 3-D Invisibles, and more.

  56. Carragen says:

    Would you add my Jane Austen like Regency-hack Sense & Feelings to the list (maybe under “Historical World Settings”)? The link is:

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