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Fay Onyx

Fay Onyx

Fay Onyx is a queer, disabled, neurodiverse writer and artist with an unmanageably long list identity labels. Currently ze is writing fairy tales that center marginalized characters in lively stories that tackle serious topics while maintaining a spirit of whimsy and humor. These stories are produced on hir podcast, Writing Alchemy, where ze lovingly enhances them with music, sound effects, and thoughtful discussion. Right now, ze is combining hir passion for tabletop role-playing games with social justice ethics in two new projects: Unfamiliar Heroes, a podcast series which is focused on expanding the representation of people with disabilities, and Magic Goes Awry, a high fantasy role-playing system that is light on rules and heavy on magical mayhem.

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Podcast Guest Appearances

E14: Pride Month Special – Queer RPG Characters: On I Am Hear from the RPG Casts network. “With Pride Month coming to an end, I wanted to help celebrate and honour the LGBTQ+ community. We all want to be understood, be accepted into open and loving arms, be part of a safe community, and ultimately, have our stories heard. #HearOurStories is a Pride Month Special focused on hearing a collection of stories from the community about their beloved LGBTQ+ RPG characters.”

Leveling Up – S2E2 – Making Gaming Accessible: On Leveling Up from the High Level Games Network. “In Episode 2 of our daring second season, Quinn and Josh talk with Fay Onyx of Writing Alchemy about Making Gaming Accessible. Together they discuss Unfamiliar Heroes, Magic Goes Awry (with Owlbear Rescues), and about ways to ensure our game tables are accessible in every way to a diverse group of players. There was also mention of post-apocalytic Muppet Babies, and if that isn’t your thing… well… I’m not sure why you listen to our podcast.”

Get Acquainted with the Unfamiliar Heroes – Part 2: On Modifier from the One Shot Network. “Fay Onyx, the mastermind behind the Unfamiliar Heroes podcast project, and two of its GMs, Anna Murray and Jordan Green, chat about what it’s like to run an actual play with diverse players and characters at the core. This second part of our conversation focuses on mechanics that aim to recreate or facilitate these diverse experiences, and things to consider when playing a diverse character.”

Get Acquainted with the Unfamiliar Heroes – Part 1: On Modifier from the One Shot Network. “Fay Onyx, the mastermind behind the Unfamiliar Heroes podcast project, and two of its GMs, Anna Murray and Jordan Green, chat about what it’s like to run an actual play with diverse players and characters at the core. This first part of our conversation focuses on addressing the needs of players, and considering how accessible your game system itself is.”

107- Social Justice Successes and Failures: On the Mythcreants Podcast. “We’ve all got our social justice axes to grind, and as we are joined by Fay for a third week, this is the time to get them out. We discuss several episodes of Star Trek that tried for a positive message but shot themselves in the foot, how Dragonlance needs to understand that racism isn’t just for goblins and orcs, and some basic ways to separate ableism from positive depictions of disability. But somehow, most impressively, we don’t spend the entire episode raving about Zootopia!”

106 – Qualities of the Fairy Tale Genre: On the Mythcreants Podcast. “Once upon a time, Fay once again joined Oren and Chris, this time to discuss fairy tales. The first question on our minds: what is a fairy tale, exactly? Is it any story with fairies in it? Does it need to have a happy ending? We also talk about when a fairy tale transitions into a normal fantasy story, the morals fairy tales are famous for, and why people complain about eagles in Lord of the Rings but not the Hobbit. You’d better listen, or else your kingdom will fall under some kind of unrealistic but very ironic curse.”

105 – Writing Characters Inspired by Roleplaying: On the Mythcreants Podcast. “Another week brings us a brand new guest host, Fay Onyx of Writing Alchemy. With Fay on board, we discuss how to draw inspiration from roleplaying characters, so you won’t have to let that treasured PC go after the final session. We discuss the benefits of channeling RPG characters into your work, as well as pitfalls to avoid. We hear all about Fay’s RPG inspired system for quickly generating side characters. And of course,  we look at existing novels where the author has done this very thing, just to see how it all turns out. Listen in, and you too can transfer protagonists from character sheet to page.”



“Five Common Harmful Representations of Disability”: This article published on the Mythcreants blog is a polished, updated, and expanded version of my short articles on Villainous Disability, Cosmetic Disability, Helpless Disability, Inspirational Disability, and One-Dimensional Disability that are in the Trope of the Week Series. Its main focus is on how to avoid these negative patterns and do better.

Super Power Baby Shower!: Co-written with Tobi Hill-Meyer. This children’s book is about a three parent family of superheroes inside a diverse and loving community. Janine Carrington brought our story to vivid life with her dynamic illustrations. “Roark flies, Nova can make fire, and Victoria can talk with her mind. Now, they’re also having a baby! At the baby shower, an urgent call comes in to Granny Awesome for help at the wolf sanctuary. The guests fly off to give their assistance and return to a wonderful surprise.” It is is part of a six book bundle published by Flamingo Rampant. This bundle is a collection of racially diverse books featuring LGBT2Q kids and families with celebratory, joyful story lines.

I’m a Sexual Asexual: This personal essay has been published as “Here’s Everything You Learn About Yourself When You Realize You’re Asexual” in Thought Catalog, and as “Sex Has Never Really Worked For Me And That’s Perfect” in Touchpoint.


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