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Citrus Apple Bake

This tastes like delicious, sweet, flavorful pie filling but with a mild impact on blood sugar (probably medium to low glycemic). It is delicious warm, and perhaps even better cold. Once cooked, the flavor can improve over several days of refrigeration as the oils from the zest continue to be released. Using a sweet variety […]

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Luxuriant Low(er) Sugar Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate, but the amount of sugar in most hot chocolates makes me dizzy. So, on one stormy day I created this recipe for hot chocolate based on techniques I learned from my mother (who makes absolutely amazing chocolate sauce). It has a really rich chocolate taste that feels a bit like drinking […]

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Fast Microwave Shepherds Pie

This is easy to prepare and flexible, great for a work lunch. The condensed soup, potatoes, and cheese blend into a wonderful gooey cheesiness that compliments the hearty meat and veggies. Thank you Kammy Lee for the inspiration for this dish! Notes: Season the meat however you want. A seasoning packet could work well. For […]

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