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Plants of Crossroads

This is a detailed black and white drawing of an old-fashioned greenhouse. In the center is a large craggy rock covered in moss, ferns, and other plants. Around the rock are many hanging pots that are trailing roots and leaves.


A few vivid examples of the strange and wondrous magical plants and fungi that live in Crossroads. Additional plants will be revealed as they come up in Unfamiliar Heroes episodes.



Blustering Tree

Flashing Stone Cactus

Ice Needle Cactus

Oasis Palace Cactus

Stone Root

The Tree of Eternal Sleep



Invisible Grass

Guard Bush

Sparkling Red Fairy Circle

Wind Grass


Tropical Forests

Armadillo Vine

Bat Seed Bush

Floating Pond Bromeliad

Jumping Monkey Orchid

Night Light Fungus

Spiral Snare Vine

Weeping Corpse Flower


Temperate Forests

Catapult Walnut

Common Hopping Mushroom

Dark Green Fairy Circle

Eyestalk Bush

Exploding Lavender Fairy Circle

Glowing Blue Fairy Circle

Night Light Fungus



Discord Apple

Memory Flower



Floating Puffball Fungus

Flute Grass

Fog Flower

Green Heron

Octopus Root

Scorpion Tail Fungus



Floating Mangrove


Cultivated Land

Fast Healing Wall Bush

Glowing Stone Cactus

Guard Bush


Special Locations

Near entrances to the Other Realm – Pickpocket Vine

In areas with geothermal activity – Lava Pine


Plants In Progress

Dragon Tree

Slime Slugs

Vampire Vine

Shadow Leaf

Dagger Thorn

Whispering Aspen

Swarm Tree

Ice Maple

Tree of Fate

Phoenix Tree


This is a list of non-sapient plants. For a list of sapient plant species see The Peoples of Crossroads.

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