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Premade Characters

Character creation can be a lot of fun, but it can also be time consuming. Premade characters are an option that allows players to jump into playing the game more quickly. These characters can be used as they are, or they can serve as a starting point for building a new character. Premade characters are also here to serve as an accessibility option for those people who find character creation to be a bit overwhelming. In addition, game managers might find these characters to be a useful tool for creating a diverse cast of nonplayer characters.



List of Premade Characters

Because each character class is a thematic grouping of abilities, premade characters are organized by character class. There are three premade character options for each class. Effort was made to ensure that each class has three distinct premade characters with unique personalities, identities, and ability sets.




Brasshoof the Clockwork Minotaur Wizard

Connor the Wizard created Brasshoof to be a status symbol. Brasshoof was supposed to be a mindless automaton that followed Connor’s every order. But, as it so often does, the magic went awry and Brasshoof became a person with his own thoughts and ideas. And Brasshoof had no interest in following orders. Connor was so angry that he yelled at Brasshoof and told him that he would never amount to anything on his own. That is when Brasshoof decided that his goal was to become a better wizard than Connor.


Frill the Imp Tinker and Elemental Sorcerer

The fire of curiosity burns strongly inside Frill. They are fascinated by magic, technology, and, especially, magical technology. Frill is the happiest when they are taking something apart to see how it works. Unfortunately they do that regardless of who owns the thing they are dismantling. They always try to put it back together, but when that doesn’t go well things get tricky. It’s a good thing that they are lucky.



Elora Veracity the Dwarven Arcane Investigative Journalist

Each dwarven family is committed to a specific virtue. Elora’s family is committed to truth. And truth is the central focus of Elora’s life, whether that’s living her truth as a trans woman or uncovering the truth as an investigative reporter for The Crossroads Observer. As far as Elora is concerned, lies are destructive and the only cure for them is truth.






Almas da Silva the Elven Gameball Star

Almas has been a top gameball star for the past thirty years. Now chronic pain from a number of sports injuries has caused them to change careers. Wanting to apply their sports skills to a less physically demanding career, they have chosen to become an adventurer. They are looking forward to the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and help others.




Xylem Quintic the Gnomish Animal Trainer

Xylem is a nineteen-year-old gnome who grew up in the bustling city of New Capital. His parents were prominent botanists who tried to share their love of plants with him, but they quickly realized that Xylem’s passion was for animals. Then when Xylem was nine, a fire at the New Capital Research Gardens killed both of his parents. His aunt, Stella Quartic, tried to raise him as best she could, but she was busy working three different jobs. After that Xylem found it increasingly difficult to fit in with the other neighborhood kids, so he retreated into spending time with animals, especially Waffles, his enormous part-mastiff dog.


Chandra Williams the Elephantfolk Nonlethal Fighter

Chandra’s homeland is a place of war. It wasn’t always this way, but a long drought pushed the existing tensions to the breaking point. In the ensuing conflict Chandra became one of the defenders of a refugee group. It has been hard, but she has held firm to her belief that she could protect without killing. Now this group has crossed over into a land that is at peace. But despite all of the abundance and diversity around them, it hasn’t been easy finding a place in this new land.





Jacqueline Yeung the Wererat Swashbuckler

Jacqueline grew up in a small coastal town that is regularly troubled by pirate raids. Tired of feeling helpless, she joined the Gray Falcon Mercenary Company. The Gray Falcons are a disreputable crew of bounty hunters that have had great success in capturing pirates. There Jacqueline prospered as she quickly gained a reputation for tenacity and bravery. However, after a falling out over one of the Gray Falcons’ questionably legal activities, Jacqueline left them and set off on her own.



Ayo Clayton the Hob Scholar and Storyteller

A shy kid from a prosperous and supportive merchant family, Ayo has always done well academically. They discovered their love of storytelling at a young age and are now the storytelling champion of their area. However, as much as they love telling stories, they have always secretly wanted to be part of their own adventure.




Victor Neven the Dragon-descended Performer

Victor is a traditionally trained actor and aerial performer. His performances entrance young and old alike. For many years he has been part of The Anyplace Variety Showcase, a well-loved performance troupe that tours the festival circuit every summer. As a Showcase member, he makes enough money to get by in the off season, but he rarely makes more than that. Now that Victor is approaching his retirement, he is worried about his future. Victor loves performing, but he needs to find a way to make some extra money.




Misty Tailspin the Wereotter Healer

Misty has always felt close to the Otter Goddess. Since she was a pup growing up in the gregarious Floating Village, the goddess’ blessings of bounty and joy have surrounded her. But bounty is meant to be shared, and now that she has devoted her life to serving the Otter Goddess, Misty has been called to go out into the world and help others. And as Misty sets out to do just that, she is filled with a fierce determination to bring as much generosity and joy into the world as possible.



Kai Champion of Fate the Merfolk Hero

Kai grew up on a small kelp farm in the coastal waters of the southern Circular Sea. When the pirate Alex Barrow stole the Storm God’s Staff and wreaked havoc across the entire coastline, Kai knew that they had to do something. But when Kai’s first attempt to defeat Alex Barrow failed, they realized that they needed help. So Kai turned to the Deity of Fate and prayed for their assistance. Now Kai is a victorious hero and the Champion of Fate. But as they tour the land and ocean, reluctantly making speeches and meeting people, they realize how complicated it can be to have your prayers answered.


Ort Cooper the Orcish Divine Crafter

Born into a family of barrel makers, Ort showed a talent for carpentry at a young age. So he was apprenticed to a master carpenter at the local temple and raised to be a cleric of the God of Craft, Culture, and Community. Ort worked hard, but as his skills developed, so did his restlessness. Unsatisfied with doing things how they had always been done, Ort was always experimenting and trying new things. When he became a master craftsperson at the age of thirty, Ort immediately took advantage of the opportunity to travel to different temples, teaching, learning, and innovating.




Dalmar of Icy Spring the Goblin Scout

Dalmar grew up in the druid town of Icy Spring deep in the heart of the Frozen Wildwood. As a child, Dalmar was always out roaming through the wood. Even though it was a dangerous landscape of ice, snow, steep slopes, and unstable rock, Dalmar had a special connection to the land that kept her safe. As an adult, Dalmar took on the role of scouting the deep wilderness to track and study the rare and dangerous creatures found there. Eventually this led her to work with the Crossroads Wilderness Keepers in their research, conservation, and reintroduction efforts. Dalmar is now a community elder and a grandmother, but she hasn’t slowed down one bit. She is, and will always be, a fierce defender of wild places and creatures.


Rowan the Centaur Witch

Rowan grew up in a research outpost in a remote area. Their parents were part of a small team that was studying unusual magical phenomena. From a young age magic has fascinated them, and their goal is to become a magical researcher like their parents. Now they have completed their training and are just starting out on their own. They can’t wait for their first mission.




Aster Pif the Troll Shapeshifter with a Ghost Donkey

Everyone in Aster’s village knows that he sees ghosts, but it still makes the other villagers uncomfortable when he talks to people they can’t see. Everyone tries to be nice about it, but their discomfort shows. So Aster would rather be out in the woods with his pet, Daisy the ghost donkey, by his side. That is why Aster transports supplies for the Crossroads Wilderness Keepers—he gets plenty of time out in the wilderness.






Nikau the Parrotfolk Kiwi Seller & Thief

Part of a parrotfolk community in the Cloud Mountains, Nikau grew up living in harmony with his forest home. However this harmony is threatened by poachers who target the rare plants and animals their forest shelters. Angry at the destruction this poaching causes, Nikau is determined to stop it at its source—the rich buyers. By day Nikau is a friendly fruit seller, but at night he is a stealthy thief tracking down and exposing each buyer one by one.



Zella the Fairy Alchemist

Zella grew up in a community of fairies that collectively maintains a magical forest garden. Each fairy in the garden has a unique connection to nature. Zella’s connection is her ability to talk to plants and harness their magic with alchemy. The plants tell her what their properties are and Zella experiments with different ways to use them. Zella is driven by the thrill of discovery and that drive has puller her out into the wider world. She misses her home, but there is so much to discover out here.



Whiskers the Telepathic Cat Trickster

The secret child of a powerful fey being, Whiskers delights in trickery. They frequently play tricks on others just to see what will happen. Sometimes these tricks go as intended, but just as often they backfire. That’s fine by them. At least the result won’t be boring.





Character portraits are by Jessica Kuczynski



Extra Characters

These characters were made to play specific roles in other projects. This means that some of them have personalities, goals, or ability sets that don’t have the broad applicability that the above characters have. However they are exciting and vibrant characters in their own right, which is why they are shared here. The “Standard Characters” have the same amount of skills and abilities as the above characters, while the “More Experienced Characters” have additional skills and abilities.


Standard Characters

Arey the Animated Statue Athlete

Name pronunciation: air-EE

Character sheet with full details: Arey Character Sheet Updated

Made by: Brandon (Rev) Wentz (he/him)

Made for: To be a player character in the “Into the Research Garden” adventure

Backstory: Ariaknightis was the protector of a small border near a dangerous zone, where undead roamed. A town near the border built a statue of Ariaknightis after their passing, and in the statue they placed the magic bow Ariaknightis had used. Years later, someone came to plunder the bow, but in the ensuing scuffle over the bow it was broken. The magic seeped out, and animated Arey.


Bob the Slime-person Druid

Character sheet with full details: Bob Character Sheet Updated

Made by: Mads Upton (they/them)

Made for: To be a player character in the “Into the Research Garden” adventure

Backstory: Their family is technically a lake full of magical oozes that has lived hidden deep in the woods for all of time, but a couple decades ago they got bored sitting in the lake all the time and broke away from their family to go exploring. They spent a while roaming through the woods surrounding their family’s lake and picked up mannerisms and shapes from the local wildlife and the random humanoids they ran into. Bob is very good at blending in and hiding and noticing things, which it turns out are all very good skills for investigative journalism! It’s not quite their life’s passion, but it’s pretty interesting and gives them something to do.


More Experienced Characters

Juniper Huckleberry

Character sheet with full details: Coming soon!

Made by: Fay Onyx

Made for: To be a nonplayer character in the “Into the Research Garden” adventure

Backstory: Coming soon!


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