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Almas portrait by Jessica Kuczynski

Download Character Sheet: Almas Character Sheet

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Who Almas Is


Name Pronunciation: aeL-MaaZ day SEEL-vah

Gender: Nonbinary.

Manner: Confident.

Goal: To help people.

Backstory: Almas has been a top gameball star for the past thirty years. Now chronic pain from a number of sports injuries has caused them to change careers. Wanting to apply their sports skills to a less physically demanding career, they have chosen to become an adventurer. They are looking forward to the opportunity to travel, meet new people, and help others.

Fame: Almas loves getting attention from their fans. They do genuinely care about their fans and are deeply grateful for their support. Pursuing a career in adventuring allows them to continue interacting with their fans while helping people who have problems that they can’t solve on their own.

Personality: Almas has a lot of confidence. On the field Almas is competitive, but off it they are sociable, easygoing, and good natured.

Gameball: Gameball is a soccer-like game that involves two teams competing to kick a ball into goals on the opposite sides of a field. The main Gameball activities are teamwork, kicking the ball, maneuvering around obstacles, sprinting, jumping, passing, blocking, and shielding.

Appearance: Almas is an elf that is just under six feet tall with a lean build. They have gray-brown, bark-like skin with emerald green eyes and hair. Their shoulder length corkscrew curls are pulled back into a bun that has a few curly wisps escaping. They wear a simple, brown, V-neck tunic over sturdy pants. For decoration they have a headband, sash, and bracelets woven from living vines that are blooming with vibrant pink flowers.



What Almas Can Do

Class: Athlete.

Body #: 5

Mind #: 3

Species: Elf.

Species Trait—Natural Armor: You have armor built into your body. You still need training in physical defense in order to use your armor to its best advantage, but it is always on you and does not interfere with sleep. For Almas this is bark skin.

Physical Defense—Armor: You are trained to use armor for physical defense. For Almas this is his bark skin.

Mental Defense—Staff: You are trained to use a staff for mental defense. This means that you know how to use the magical properties of a staff to shield yourself from harmful mental effects and magic. You own this staff and you can use your training any time that you are holding it. However your staff requires one hand to use, so you cannot do any two-handed tasks while using it. In addition, your staff can be taken away by disarming attacks. Almas has a staff made out of living wood.

Body Skills:

Combat Skills

 ✔  Unarmed Fighting  (Unarmed actions like punching, kicking, tripping, and wrestling)

      Melee Combat        (Using melee weapons like swords, spears, and axes)

      Ranged Combat     (Using ranged weapons like bows and throwing daggers)

Strength Skills

 ✔  Athletics                (Strength and endurance activities like running, jumping, and throwing)

 ✔  Climbing                (Climbing up and down trees, rocks, and other steep surfaces)

      Flying                   (Doing complex maneuvers and flying in difficult conditions)

      Riding                   (Caring for and riding mounts)

 ✔  Swimming             (Doing complex maneuvers and swimming in difficult conditions)

Dexterity Skills

      Acrobatics             (Feats of agility, balance, and flexibility)

      Manual Dexterity   (Picking locks, disabling traps, pick-pocketing, etc.)

 ✔  Mobility                 (Using agility and flexibility to keep moving)

      Stealth                  (Hiding, moving silently, and generally being sneaky)

Mind Skills:    

Knowledge Skills

      Arcana                  (Magical knowledge)

 ✔  Culture                  (Religions, customs, languages, and history)

      Nature                   (Knowing about animals, plants, weather, geography, and physiology)

      Technology             (The basics of math, engineering, and crafting)

Social Skills

 ✔  Communicating with Animals (Communication and interaction with animals)

      Deception              (Misleading others)

 ✔  Diplomacy             (Honest communication)

      Intimidation           (Using fear and awe to get cooperation)

      Performance          (Getting and holding people’s attention, disguises)

Awareness Skills

      Insight                  (Reading people and assessing social situations)

      Perception              (Noticing subtle things in your environment)

      Survival                (Navigating and sustaining life in different environments, first aid)

Ability #1—Sports Star: You are exceptionally good at gameball. You have all the equipment needed to play gameball and are always considered prepared to play it. In addition, three times a day, you are considered prepared when you use one of the activities involved in gameball to creatively solve a problem. Here are some examples of this from a range of different sports; you could flip a switch by hitting it with a ball, knock something away with a racket, intimidate someone by lifting a heavy weight, impress a crowd with a dramatic entrance, or coordinate a team action.

Ability #2—Fast Runner: Through a combination of talent and training you have become an exceptionally fast runner. You are always considered prepared when using the Athletics skill to run quickly. In addition, you automatically win foot races against ordinary opponents. The race must be fair and only involve running. An ordinary opponent is someone who isn’t magically enhanced and doesn’t have the Fast Runner ability.

Ability #3—Athletics Expert: You are an expert in athletic activities. Once per day you may turn a failed Athletics skill roll (zero successes) into a partial success (one success). This ability must be used before the consequences of failure are revealed. You may take this ability twice if you desire.

Ability #4—Charismatic: You have a natural talent for social skills. Three times a day, you are considered prepared when you use the Communicating with Animals, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, or Performance skills. You may take this ability twice if you desire.

Chronic Pain: At the beginning of each day Almas does one hour of stretches and exercises that improve their chronic pain. In addition, pain arises when Almas engages in a period of intense physical exertion, such as running at their top speed or playing an intense game. After a scene involving intense physical exertion is over, Almas takes a one die penalty to all Strength Skills (Athletics, Climbing, Flying, Riding, Swimming) until they have rested for two hours.


Equipment Almas Has

Special Item—Telepathic Lantern: This magically glowing lantern floats at a moderate speed through air or water. You have a telepathic link to it that allows you to control its movement, brightness, and color up to a mile away, though you do need to see it to have precise control over its movement.

Equipment for Abilities: Sports equipment, which includes three balls, cleats, shin guards, padded keeper gloves, two collapsible goals with nets, and a jersey.

Tools for Skills: Climbing gear that is used for the Climbing skill.

Defensive Equipment: Almas’ staff is a sturdy walking staff made of a magical living wood that has a small tuft of leaves on top.

Standard Supplies: 

  • Everyday outfit
  • Sturdy backpack
  • Waterproof tarp
  • Towel
  • Bedroll
  • Fire-starting kit
  • Lantern with oil
  • Portable cooking pot
  • Wooden dishes and utensils
  • Utility knife
  • Waterskin
  • Travel rations
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Chalk
  • Soap
  • One handful of coins


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