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Character Sheet

This is the current in-progress version of the character sheet. Once things are more polished, there will be a compact, formatted version of the character sheet, along with other sheets with different accessibility options.

You can download a word document of the current character sheet here: Magic Goes Awry Character Sheet Version 2 Ready

This is a digital artwork of a yellow and green budgerigar sitting on a branch with a tiger head that is the same color as its yellow feathers.

This is a digital artwork of a yellow and green budgerigar sitting on a branch with a tiger head that is the same color as its yellow feathers.



What Your Character Can Do


Body #:

Mind #:


Species Trait:

Physical Defense:

Mental Defense:

Body Skills:

Combat Skills

      Unarmed Fighting        (Unarmed actions like punching, kicking, tripping, and wrestling)

      Melee Combat             (Using melee weapons like swords, spears, and axes)

      Ranged Combat           (Using ranged weapons like bows and throwing daggers)

Strength Skills

      Athletics                      (Strength and endurance activities like running, jumping, and throwing)

      Climbing                     (Climbing up and down trees, rocks, and other steep surfaces)

      Flying                          (Doing complex maneuvers and flying in difficult conditions)

      Riding                         (Caring for and riding mounts)

      Swimming                   (Doing complex maneuvers and swimming in difficult conditions)

Dexterity Skills

      Acrobatics                   (Feats of agility, balance, and flexibility)

      Manual Dexterity         (Picking locks, disabling traps, pick-pocketing, etc.)

      Mobility                      (Using agility and flexibility to keep moving)

      Stealth                         (Hiding, moving silently, and generally being sneaky) 


Mind Skills:

Knowledge Skills

      Arcana                         (Magical knowledge)

      Culture                        (Religions, customs, languages, and history)

      Nature                         (Knowing about animals, plants, weather, geography, and physiology)

      Technology                  (The basics of math, engineering, and crafting)

Social Skills

      Communicating with Animals (Communication and interaction with animals)

      Deception                    (Misleading others)

      Diplomacy                   (Honest communication)

      Intimidation                 (Using fear and awe to get cooperation)

      Performance                (Getting and holding people’s attention, disguises)

Awareness Skills

      Insight                          (Reading people and assessing social situations)

      Perception                   (Noticing subtle things in your environment)

      Survival                      (Navigating and sustaining life in different environments, first aid) 


Type of Magical Connection (if applicable):


Deity Name and Attributes (if applicable):


Ability #1:


Ability #2:


Ability #3:


Ability #4:


Additional Mechanics:




Equipment Your Character Has

Special Item:


Equipment for Abilities:


Tools for Skills:

      Melee Weapon, which is a                     

      Ranged Weapon with Ammunition, which is a                     

      Climbing Gear

      Gear for Riding and Caring for a Mount, which is a                     

      Tinkering Tools

      Crafting Tools and Materials

      Performance Equipment for                      and                     

      First Aid Kit


Defensive Equipment:


Species Specific Equipment:


Adaptive Devices:


Standard Supplies:

Everyday outfit

Sturdy backpack

Waterproof tarp



Fire-starting kit

Lantern with oil

Portable cooking pot

Wooden dishes and utensils

Utility knife


Travel rations





One handful of coins



Who Your Character Is

Character Name:

Player Name:

Important Identities:





Daily Life:


Companion Animal Details:







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