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This is a list of all of the different articles and resources that I have created for participants in the Writing Alchemy podcast. Part of the reason that there is so much here is that I’m trying to make this podcast we welcoming and inclusive to participants and audience members. If this seems overwhelming to you, please don’t stress it. I am happy to work with folks one-on-one.


Things that Apply to Every Writing Alchemy Episode:

Words and Phrases to Avoid: This is a list of words and phases to avoid that not everyone is aware of. It includes brief explanations of why they are harmful and some ideas for replacements. For the sake of brevity, I’m not including things that are more commonly known to be harmful.

When Your Friends Are Your Coworkers: This article by Cole Burkhardt outlines the appropriate way to respond to reports of harassment. If I get a report of harassment by anyone involved in Writing Alchemy, I will follow this process when addressing it.


Things for Unfamiliar Heroes Games:

Participation Form: If you are interested in being a player or a game master in an Unfamiliar Heroes game, please fill out this participation survey.

New Player Information: Part of making an accessible game is welcoming players who have never had a chance to play a role-playing game before. This page is a collection information and advice to help new players get started. It isn’t required reading, but some people will find it to be helpful.

Game Ground Rules: These rules are designed provide a social foundation that will make it easier for us to create an open and inclusive environment for all participants. It is expected that these rules will be adjusted and modified to meet the needs of the group.

Limits for Unfamiliar Heroes Games: Limits are places that participants don’t want to go in a game. This article discusses what limits are in more detail and goes over a list of limits that I have for the Writing Alchemy podcast. This list is intended to serve as a starting point for discussion with game participants. Each game will have its own, unique set of limits.

Guidelines for Game Masters: This is a work in progress list of those things I want game masters to avoid, include, and be aware of as they craft their games. I expect this list to grow and change as I work with different game masters.

Game Recording Practices: This is a list of best practices for gaming in a way that will be the most fun for the podcast audience. These things don’t need to be done perfectly, but I’m hoping that we can all work together to do these as much as possible.

Planned Unfamiliar Heroes Games: These games are in various stages of planning. Some are just ideas that still need to be fleshed out. Others have are much more complete.


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