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This page is a work in progress!


The goal of this section is to create vibrant species with unique physical and mental characteristics, while simultaneously depicting the diversity within each species.

I believe that it is important for different species to feel significantly different. This is part of the joy that comes from playing a character that is nonhuman. It also creates space for diverse physical and mental experiences within the setting. This is a celebration of diversity that emphasizes the social aspects of accessibility.

At the same time, it is important to avoid racial essentialism. This is one of the reasons why the word “species” is used instead of “race,” because these are intended to be separate species with unique biology, not socially constructed groups within the same species. In addition, there is significant diversity within each species. This is of central importance, because it is import to oppose racist ideas about all of the members of a group being good or bad at certain types of things. In addition, we can’t truly celebrate diversity or make space for disabled people, without there being diversity within each species.




This is the format in which each species entry is written. For individual species some sections may be skipped if they don’t apply or aren’t currently worked out.

Magical Affinities: Some species have histories involving specific types of magic. As a result, many members of that species find that they have a talent for those types of magic. However there is diversity in every species, and there are a significant number of people who don’t have these talents, or who have different talents.

Common Species Traits: These traits range from things that most members of a species have to traits that only one person out of a hundred has. They are listed in order of how common they are, with the commonest trait listed first.

Physical Description: This is a description of what the bodies of most members of the species are like. Common variations are noted.

Diet: Many species have specific diets that are connected to their physiology.

Common Mental Characteristics: The mental characteristics of different members of the same species vary widely, however each species has certain mental characteristics that are more common. This is a discussion of those common mental characteristics, their most frequent variations, and related traits like behavior.

History: If there are important historical events that involve this species, such as their origin or historic oppression, they will be discussed here.

Prominent Cultures: While species and culture are separate, there usually are multiple cultures associated with each species. These cultures are heavily influenced by the most common physical and mental characteristics within that species, as well as significant historical events that impacted the members of that species.

Naming Traditions from Prominent Cultures: Each culture has its own naming tradition. Because names are a big deal, naming traditions from prominent cultures are given here.

Inspiration: If there is an interesting fact or mythological source that I used in creating this species, I’ll list that here.



The Species

Each species is a full post. This is a list of links to those posts.

Sapient Plant Species

Pitcher Crabs: Coming soon!

Vine Collectives: Coming soon!


Other Species

Coming soon!


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