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Mythcreants is an online publication featuring a blog and podcast that provide storytelling advice in the speculative fiction genre. One of the things I enjoy the most about their work is that they have a solid understanding of how oppression works. And, not only do they discuss social justice topics, they also bring that knowledge into other discussions.

I have been collaborating with the folks at Mythcreants for the past three years and I’m currently acting as their disability consultant. In this role, I am giving detailed feedback and suggestions on articles that discuss disability representation. In addition, I am answering reader questions about portraying disability. This page is a collection of articles that discuss disability representation that I’ve worked on with the Mythcreants folks.

If you have a short storytelling question of your own, you can submit a short question to the Mythcreants Q & A series. If you are looking for more detailed feedback about disability representation, I maintain a list of Disability Consultants for Geeky Projects and also do disability consulting myself (you can contact me here).


How Should I Approach Disability in a Pirate Story?: This is a Q & A where I answer a reader question about representing disability in pirate stories with some tips on researching.

Is It Okay for My Disabled Character to Use Futuristic Assistive Devices?: This is a Q & A co-written by Chris Winkle where we answer a reader question about portraying disability in settings with advanced technology.

How Can I Make My World Accommodating to Disabled People?: This is a Q & A where I answer a reader question about accessibility in a historical fantasy setting. I also have a podcast episode where I discuss this question and creating accessible settings in greater detail.

How to Avoid Melodrama in Your Writing: This is an article by Chris Winkle about what melodramatic writing is, why it doesn’t work, what to do instead, and how to handle emotional conditions like depression or anxiety.

Should You Give Non-Human Groups Marginalized Traits?: This is an article by Chris Winkle about “What you should know when making non-humans resemble marginalized people – or privileged people.”

Five Common Harmful Representations of Disability: This article is a polished, updated, and expanded version of my short articles on Villainous Disability, Cosmetic Disability, Helpless Disability, Inspirational Disability, and One-Dimensional Disability that are in the Trope of the Week Series.


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