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Dalmar portrait by Jessica Kuczynski

Download Character Sheet: Dalmar Character Sheet

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Who Dalmar Is


Name Pronunciation: DAL-mahr

Gender: Woman.

Manner: Assertive and practical.

Goal: To preserve wildness.

Backstory: Dalmar grew up in the druid town of Icy Spring deep in the heart of the Frozen Wildwood. As a child, Dalmar was always out roaming through the wood. Even though it was a dangerous landscape of ice, snow, steep slopes, and unstable rock, Dalmar had a special connection to the land that kept her safe. As an adult, Dalmar took on the role of scouting the deep wilderness to track and study the rare and dangerous creatures found there. Eventually this led her to work with the Crossroads Wilderness Keepers in their research, conservation, and reintroduction efforts. Dalmar is now a community elder and a grandmother, but she hasn’t slowed down one bit. She is, and will always be, a fierce defender of wild places and creatures.

Behavior: Dalmar is assertive. She is experienced, practical, resourceful, and does not put up with nonsense. Dalmar directly states her opinions and she purposefully ignores pointless social niceties.

Connection to Nature: Most goblins in the druid community have their connection to nature come out as creative energy, but Dalmar’s connection is more meditative; she is in tune with the land around her. She can even transform herself into a cloud of purple mist (her incorporeal form) for a short time each day.

Appearance: Dalmar is a three and a half foot tall goblin with a lanky build and deep green skin that has become wrinkled with age. She has a wedge shaped face with yellow cat eyes, large pointed ears, and many small sharp teeth in her wide mouth. Her silver-streaked, dark green hair is pulled back into a tight bun. She is wearing quilted, gray fabric armor with a sturdy canvas vest that has small, overlapping steel plates sewn into it.

Incorporeal Form Description: When she is in her incorporeal form Dalmar looks like a cloud of purple mist that sounds like gusting wind and smells like fresh pine needles.



What Dalmar Can Do

Class: Druid.

Body #: 4

Mind #: 4

Species: Goblin.

Species Trait—Incorporeal Form: You can become incorporeal once per day for five minutes. At any time during this five minutes you can choose to end this effect and return to your corporeal form.

This incorporeal form has no physical substance. When you are incorporeal, all of the objects you are wearing or holding (including magical items) become incorporeal with you. Those objects stay incorporeal until your incorporeal form wears off. Incorporeal people and objects pass right through ordinary, corporeal people and objects without physically interacting with them.

While incorporeal, you are harder to notice, and as result you are prepared on stealth rolls to avoid being perceived by corporeal people and animals. You are also able to go through non-magical walls and barriers, however magical barriers block you. In addition, incorporeal people and objects are solid to each other.

Every character’s incorporeal form has an associated sight, sound, and smell. Dalmar’s form looks like a cloud of purple mist, sounds like gusting wind, and smells like fresh pine needles.

Physical Defense—Armor: You are trained to use armor for physical defense and you can use this training any time that you are wearing it. However you cannot sleep in your armor and it takes a significant amount of time to put on. Dalmar wears fabric armor with a sturdy canvas vest that has small, overlapping steel plates sewn into it.

Mental Defense—Protective Outfit: You are trained to use a special protective outfit for mental defense and you can use this training any time that you are wearing it. However you are unable to sleep in this outfit (perhaps it is too delicate or lumpy to sleep in), and it takes a significant amount of time to put on. Dalmar’s armor is sewn with a special thread that makes it magically protective.

Body Skills:

Combat Skills

      Unarmed Fighting  (Unarmed actions like punching, kicking, tripping, and wrestling)

      Melee Combat       (Using melee weapons like swords, spears, and axes)

 ✔  Ranged Combat     (Using ranged weapons like bows and throwing daggers)

Strength Skills

 ✔  Athletics               (Strength and endurance activities like running, jumping, and throwing)

 ✔  Climbing               (Climbing up and down trees, rocks, and other steep surfaces)

      Flying                   (Doing complex maneuvers and flying in difficult conditions)

      Riding                   (Caring for and riding mounts)

      Swimming             (Doing complex maneuvers and swimming in difficult conditions)

Dexterity Skills

 ✔  Acrobatics             (Feats of agility, balance, and flexibility)

      Manual Dexterity   (Picking locks, disabling traps, pick-pocketing, etc.)

      Mobility                 (Using agility and flexibility to keep moving)

 ✔  Stealth                  (Hiding, moving silently, and generally being sneaky)

Mind Skills:    

Knowledge Skills

      Arcana                   (Magical knowledge)

      Culture                  (Religions, customs, languages, and history)

 ✔  Nature                  (Knowing about animals, plants, weather, geography, and physiology)

      Technology            (The basics of math, engineering, and crafting)

Social Skills

 ✔  Communicating with Animals (Communication and interaction with animals)

      Deception             (Misleading others)

      Diplomacy             (Honest communication)

 ✔  Intimidation           (Using fear and awe to get cooperation)

      Performance          (Getting and holding people’s attention, disguises)

Awareness Skills

      Insight                   (Reading people and assessing social situations)

 ✔  Perception              (Noticing subtle things in your environment)

 ✔  Survival                 (Navigating and sustaining life in different environments, first aid)

Ability #1—Trick Archery: You are a skilled archer who is practiced at doing improbable things like splitting an arrow in two, firing accurately while doing acrobatic stunts, and shooting projectiles out of the air. Three times a day, you may reroll a Ranged Combat roll for a challenging archery task. This reroll must happen before the results have been revealed and you must take the new result, even if it is lower.

Ability #2—In Tune with Nature: Once you are familiar with a natural environment, you can notice subtle changes in it and move through it effortlessly. You are familiar with any natural environment that you have previous experience with, or that you have been in for at least one day. When you are in a familiar environment, treat failed Perception skill rolls (zero successes) made to notice subtle or hidden things in the environment around you as if they were partial successes (one success).

In addition, you move through these environments with ease, leaving no trace of your presence behind you. Plant growth that impedes movement does not affect you. This includes dense growth, magical plants, entangling vines, walls of thorns, and other plant-based hazards.

Ability #3—Natural Skill: You know how to use familiar natural environments to your advantage. A familiar natural environment is any natural environment that you have previous experience with, or that you have been in for more than a day. When you are in one of these environments, three times a day, you are considered prepared when you use the Acrobatics, Athletics, Climbing, Communicating with Animals, Flying, Mobility, Nature, Perception, Riding, Stealth, Survival, or Swimming skills. You may take this ability twice if you desire.

Ability #4—Skillful: You know more skills than most people. Dalmar is trained in ten skills instead of eight.


Equipment Dalmar Has

Special Item—Flare Bow: Three times a day this enchanted bow can be used to shoot magical flares. Each flare emits either a bright light in any color you want or a single noise of your choice.

Tools for Skills: Arrows that are used for the Ranged Combat skill. Climbing gear that is used for the Climbing skill. A first aid kit that is used for the Survival skill.

Defensive Equipment: Dalmar wears fabric armor with a sturdy canvas vest that has small, overlapping steel plates sewn into it.

Standard Supplies: 

  • Everyday outfit
  • Sturdy backpack
  • Waterproof tarp
  • Towel
  • Bedroll
  • Fire-starting kit
  • Lantern with oil
  • Portable cooking pot
  • Wooden dishes and utensils
  • Utility knife
  • Waterskin
  • Travel rations
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Chalk
  • Soap
  • One handful of coins


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