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A close-up illustration of the translucent purple leaves and stem of a plant that looks as if it was made out of gummy candy.


Safety Rating: Beneficial.

Environment: Wild Jelly Vines grow in swamps with mild winters and infrequent frosts. Domesticated Jelly Vines have been bred to grow in a wider range of environments, but they need sufficient water and protection from freezing temperatures.

Details: These part-slime plants are translucent, with vibrantly colored leaves that can be any color of the rainbow. They use tendrils to grab onto anything that can support them as they grow upward. When mature, Jelly Vines can be up to thirty feet long with sturdy stems capable of supporting significant weight.

Jelly Vines can stretch and compress in response to touch. This is why so many domesticated Jelly Vines are used for adjustable-height furniture, such as couches, tables, chairs, shelves, desks, and beds. Because Jelly Vines like to have something to hold onto, they are usually provided with wooden pegs securely anchored into the walls and ceiling. These pegs help the Jelly Vines support the weight of the furniture.

Instead of feet, most Jelly Vine furniture has small pots of soil, which can make the furniture tricky to move, especially when vines are attached to the walls or ceiling. Chairs that need to move easily require a special (more expensive) design. All of the vines in these chairs come from a single pot of soil that the vines are woven around, making the whole chair moves as one piece.

Jelly Vines are also grown for their delicious fruit. When they get enough light, they produce hanging clusters of round, gummy, jelly-filled berries in a wide variety of sweet and tangy flavors.

Touch Response: Jelly Vine stems have knobs on them at regular intervals. When a knob is touched, the vine responds by stretching or compressing away from the touch. When the touch ends, the vine stops moving, staying in its new shape.

Care: Essential care for all Jelly Vines is providing enough water and protecting them from freezing. After that, the most important thing is choosing the right variety of Jelly Vine for the environment. Fast-growing varieties may be cheaper, but they need bright light and humidity to thrive.

Lore: The chaotic magic of a Warped Magic Zone in a subtropical swamp created the first Jelly Vines. There the Jelly Vines’ ability to jerk away from anything that touched them kept them safe from herbivores big and small. The Jelly Vines thrived and spread, eventually spreading out of the Warped Magic Zone into the neighboring swamplands. There a community of slime-people found and cultivated them, breading many domesticated varieties.


Jelly Vine is part of the Crossroads Setting for the tabletop role-playing game, Magic Goes Awry. Click here to go to the list of strange and whimsical magical plants from the Land of Crossroads.


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