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Tag Archive 'swamp'

Crossroads Plants: Jelly Vine

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Wild Jelly Vines grow in swamps with mild winters and infrequent frosts. Domesticated Jelly Vines have been bred to grow in a wider range of environments, but they need sufficient water and protection from freezing temperatures. Details: These part-slime plants are translucent, with vibrantly colored leaves that can be any […]

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Crossroads Plants: Scorpion Tail Fungus

  Safety Rating: Extremely dangerous. Environment: Wetlands where there is plenty of cover, especially swamps. Details: The fruiting bodies of this predatory fungus grow into enormous green and brown scorpion tails on top of many-legged, crawling bodies the size of large dogs. Called Scorpion Tails, these fruiting bodies are usually eight feet tall, but tails […]

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  Safety Rating: Harmless. Environment: Wetlands, especially swamps. Details: This distinctive fungus has spherical, white fruiting bodies. When mature they rise into the air like soap bubbles and float away. Each fruiting body is filled with a foggy cloud of spores that is released when the delicate bubble pops. Lore: Smaller winged species, like fairies, […]

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