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Illustration of thick, long, twisting, brown roots lying on dark, wet mud.


Safety Rating: Beneficial.

Environment: Wetlands.

Details: This prized wetland vegetable is eaten by both people and animals. Octopus Root is a highly edible plant, but it protects itself by camouflaging its grass-like leaves to look like nearby inedible plants.

Octopus Root has another defense as well. If there is too much disturbance in its area, at night it can pull its tentacle-like roots out of the ground and crawl around until it finds a better location. Then it wiggles its roots back into the ground.

Lore: Almost every part of this plant is edible. Their shoots, flowers, and seeds are edible, as are their roots, which are crisp, with a mild nutty flavor. In addition, eating their roots confers a temporary camouflaging ability.

Inspiration: Octopuses and water chestnut.


Octopus Root is part of the Crossroads Setting for the tabletop role-playing game, Magic Goes Awry. Click here to go to the list of wild and whimsical magical plants from the Land of Crossroads.


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