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Tag Archive 'moving plant'

Crossroads Plants: Octopus Root

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Wetlands. Details: This prized wetland vegetable is eaten by both people and animals. Octopus Root is a highly edible plant, but it protects itself by camouflaging its grass-like leaves to look like nearby inedible plants. Octopus Root has another defense as well. If there is too much disturbance in its […]

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Crossroads Plants: Bat Seed Bush

  Safety Rating: Dangerous. Environment: Tropical forests. Details: Bat Seed Bush is a shade-loving bush with broad, pointed leaves. It has dramatic purple seed pods that open to release seeds with gray-purple bat wings. These seeds fly off in flocks that gather together in the treetops for mutual protection. Anytime that the flock spots someone […]

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Crossroads Plants: Eyestalk Bush

  Safety Rating: Mildly Dangerous. Environment: Temperate forests. Details: Eyestalk Bush has white berries growing on red stalks. These berries have black dots that make them look like little eyeballs. When a person or animal approaches the bush, the eyes rotate toward them as if the bush is staring at them and they experience its […]

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Crossroads Plants: Armadillo Vine

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Tropical forests. Details: Armadillo Vines grow on the sides of pathways, extending their long stems with their feathery leaves out into the sunny patch in the middle of the path. Whenever one of their leaves is touched, the whole vine will suddenly curl up, pulling itself out of harm’s way. […]

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