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Optional Rules

Alternate Dice Rolling System

The mechanics of this system mean that there will be more frequent complications and failures when characters are using abilities they are weaker in. Failure seemed to be happening discouragingly often, and it was inhibiting players from making and effectively playing more balanced characters. However, if you want a lot of failure to drive forward the plot, this will provide that.

Numbers: Choose numbers to represent your character’s ability to do mind and body tasks. Mind includes magic, knowledge, social skills, and awareness. Body includes physical skills, strength, dexterity, and endurance. The higher the number, the better you are at those tasks. You have four options for numbers:

  • Mind 5, Body 2
  • Mind 4, Body 3
  • Mind 3, Body 4
  • Mind 2, Body 5

Rolling dice: Roll your dice and compare each die result to the appropriate number.

If you’re using mind (magic, knowledge, social skill, awareness), each die with a number that is less than your mind number counts as a success.

If you’re using body (physical skills, strength, dexterity, endurance), each die with a number that is less than your body number counts as a success.

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