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Tag Archive 'carnivorous'

Crossroads Plants: Scorpion Tail Fungus

  Safety Rating: Extremely dangerous. Environment: Wetlands where there is plenty of cover, especially swamps. Details: The fruiting bodies of this predatory fungus grow into enormous green and brown scorpion tails on top of many-legged, crawling bodies the size of large dogs. Called Scorpion Tails, these fruiting bodies are usually eight feet tall, but tails […]

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Crossroads Plants: Spiral Snare Vine

  Safety Rating: Extremely dangerous. Environment: Druid cultivated regions of tropical forest. Details: Bred from a carnivorous plant, many druids living in tropical forests use Spiral Snare Vine for defense. This tough, ropey vine drapes itself over and around paths in loops big enough to catch large people and animals. While Spiral Snare Vine is […]

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