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Crossroads Peoples: Fungal Vampires

  Overview: Fungal Vampires are an interdependent partnership between a Mutualistic Vampiric Fungus and a living, vertebrate host (a person with a skeleton). They subsist on the life force energy that they get from drinking blood, resulting in a unique range of benefits and limitations. Physical Description: Becoming a Fungal Vampire is a transformation than […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Orcs

  Overview: Orcs are a plant-eating humanoid species that are, on average, larger and more muscular than humans. Most Orcs have tusks, green skin, pointed ears, and colorful hair. Physical Description: On average, Orcs are six and a half feet tall, a foot taller than the average human, and they find it comparatively easy to […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Animal-Folk

  Overview: Animal-Folk are human-animal hybrids. Most Animal-Folk look like humanoid versions of animals or magical creatures. Physical Description: As human-animal hybrids, each type of Animal-Folk, such as Otter-Folk or Phoenix-Folk, is composed of parts from humans and parts from a specific kind of animal or magical creature. There are three common body plans for […]

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