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  Safety Rating: Situationally dangerous. Environment: Temperate Forests. Fairy Circles: Each fairy circle fungus produces a ring of mushrooms that has a magical effect on anyone who enters it. They are called fairy circles because a number of fairy communities are heavily involved in cultivating and breeding them. As a result, there are many different […]

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Crossroads Plants: Glowing Stone Cactus

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Cultivated parts of arid regions. Details: Glowing Stone Cactus is a small, oval, pebble-like cactus that doesn’t have any spines. Once mature, it glows brightly day and night. While the light that it produces is white, its thick green skin tints the light green. Because the bright light that it […]

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Crossroads Plants: Night Light Fungus

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: This fungus is most common in tropical forests, but can also be found in temperate forests. Details: The mushrooms of this bioluminescent fungus shed a bright light that makes them convenient to use for nighttime illumination in those regions where they grow well. Night Light Fungus grows on decaying wood, […]

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