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I’ve just released Writing Alchemy Episode 11! This is the conclusion of “Dangerous Company” and I have to say that I’m quite proud of my voice acting in the erotic scene for this one. It seems like all of those years of acting classes have actually paid off! Monsters is the theme as sci-fi writer […]

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Monsters is the theme as sci-fi writer and monster enthusiast Bex Shea joins Fay for the conclusion of “Dangerous Company,” in which Kalla finally discovers that the dragon she has been sent to kill has been disguised as her guide the whole time. The following discussion delves into the question of what monstrousness is, the ways that depictions of monsters can be used to otherize or to empathize, fear, compassion, unknowability, the association of gendered traits with power, gender exploration, and the blurring of the lines between human and monster.

Dangerous Company: The last five dragon slayers died. Kalla is good at solving problems, but her skills will be tested as she embarks on her journey with the very dragon she is expected to kill disguised as her guide. Some interesting surprises are just around the corner…

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