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Crossroads Peoples: Pixies

  Overview: Pixies are the embodiment of turmoil and disturbance, such as the turmoil that causes, and is caused by, storms. Physically, pixies are one-foot-tall, vaguely-humanoid beings that are a mixture of insect and other animal traits. Physical Description: Pixies appear more insect-like than anything else, but they are vertebrates, meaning that they have bones. […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Dryads

  Overview: Dryads originated as forest consciousness within the Other Realm. They are now humanoid beings with tree-like traits. Most dryads have a deep, often magical, connection to the natural world, especially their home forest, and feel drawn to protect it. Physical Description: The appearance of dryads varies a lot, but they are all roughly […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Motley Fae

  Overview: Motley Fae embody the exuberant diversity of nature. Each individual is unique and many have extraordinary appearances. Physical Description: Diversity and variation are the rule for Motley Fae. They are all sizes from tiny to huge. Some are humanoid and some aren’t. They frequently display a disparate mixture of animal parts, with many […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Pitcher Crabs

  Overview: A sapient plant species that has a large, crab-like body, with roots for legs, a leafy body, and a large pitcher that forms both face and stomach. Physical Description: An average adult Pitcher Crab is six feet wide and five feet tall. The majority of their size is eight thick, woody roots shaped […]

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Crossroads Peoples: Vine Collectives

  Overview: Vine Collectives are a sapient plant species. Each individual is a group of animated vines that entwine together to form a shared body and consciousness. Physical Description: Most Vine Collectives have a roughly humanoid body covered in leaves. The vines, usually siblings, are unbranching. They are joined together at the feet and weave […]

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