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Crossroads Plants: Soul Flower

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Once created, a Soul Flower only dies when the person it is bonded to dies. This means that Soul Flowers can live in any environment. Details: A Soul Flower is created in a ritual that uses Plant Magic to transform a non-magical flowering plant into a Soul Flower bonded to […]

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  Safety Rating: Situationally dangerous. Environment: Temperate Forests. Fairy Circles: Each fairy circle fungus produces a ring of mushrooms that has a magical effect on anyone who enters it. They are called fairy circles because a number of fairy communities are heavily involved in cultivating and breeding them. As a result, there are many different […]

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Zella the Fairy Alchemist

Download Character Sheet: Zella Character Sheet You can find the other premade characters here.   Who Zella Is Player:                                Name Pronunciation: zehl-lah Gender: Woman. Manner: Passionate. Goal: Discovery. Backstory: Zella grew up in a community of Fairies that collectively maintains a magical forest garden. Each Fairy in the garden has a unique connection […]

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