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I’ve written about tools that make the process of transcribing podcast episodes easier ( and YouTube), but it is also important to know what to transcribe and how the finished transcript should look. That’s what this style guide is for. Because style guides can be a bit abstract, all of the information in this style […]

Read Full Post » is an online app that is designed for transcribing and sharing meeting notes. It is a great option for free automatic podcast transcription. In particular, the ability to easily share transcripts with others and work on them together is super helpful. (Be aware that a google account may be necessary to use this sharing […]

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This procedure is a work in progress that I am currently adding to and changing as I explore different options for doing these things. I created this reference because it is hard to get step-by-step instructions for getting audio transcripts off YouTube. Articles like “Dirty, Fast, and Free Audio Transcription with YouTube” by Andy Baio give […]

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