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Tag Archive 'red flower'

Crossroads Plants: Jumping Monkey Orchid

  Safety Rating: Dangerous. Environment: Tropical forests. Details: This magical orchid has dispensed with pollinators and instead pollinates itself. Half of its bright pink, monkey-shaped flowers leap off the plant and jump and climb their way to other Jumping Monkey Orchids in order to pollinate them. How these flowers locate other Jumping Monkey Orchids isn’t […]

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Crossroads Plants: Weeping Corpse Flower

  Safety Rating: Harmless. Environment: Tropical forests. Details: This parasitic plant produces a large flower with thick fleshy petals that are mottled red and pink. The center of the Weeping Corpse Flower slowly oozes droplets of a dark red liquid. The flower looks and smells like rotting flesh. In this red liquid is a powerful […]

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