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Crossroads Plants: Flashing Stone Cactus

  Safety Rating: Mildly dangerous. Environment: Deserts. Details: These tiny cacti look like little clusters of pebbles. They are colored to blend in with local rock. Most often they are tan and brown, but sometimes they are green or more dramatic colors, like red or purple. Their surface is mottled and speckled to help them […]

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Crossroads Plants: Glowing Stone Cactus

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Cultivated parts of arid regions. Details: Glowing Stone Cactus is a small, oval, pebble-like cactus that doesn’t have any spines. Once mature, it glows brightly day and night. While the light that it produces is white, its thick green skin tints the light green. Because the bright light that it […]

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Crossroads Plants: Stone Root

  Safety Rating: Harmless Environment: Deserts. Details: This small succulent bush with heart shaped leaves stores water in large bulbs within its roots. It protects these bulbs by encasing them in armor-like bark made of stone plates. Over many years of growth, these stone roots build up into mounds that collect wind-born debris, building up […]

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