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Writer, activist, and artist Fay Onyx reads fairy tales, romances, and adventures written from an intersectional social-justice perspective, followed by discussion and insightful commentary with a diverse range of guests. Step outside the oppressive grind of the everyday world with… Writing Alchemy.

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Coming Soon

Unfamiliar Heroes is a podcast series in which three disabled and/or chronically ill players and a game master will play story-focused tabletop role-playing games in which all of the player characters have disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. Each game will be a one shot that will be recorded in one to four sessions and then broken into multiple podcast episodes. For the moment, Unfamiliar Heroes will be released as episodes of my Writing Alchemy podcast. The first episode of Unfamiliar Heroes is planned for release on Thursday, July 27th.

Find out more about Unfamiliar Heroes here!


Tala stands holding a sheet of parchment with blurry numbers on it. Across from her Death, depicted as older woman with white hair, sits on a bed with her scythe casually draped over her shoulder. In the background is a fireplace with a golden fire burning in it. Illustration by Majin Roses.

Tala stands holding a sheet of parchment with blurry numbers on it. Across from her Death, depicted as older woman with white hair, sits on a bed with her scythe casually draped over her shoulder. In the background is a fireplace with a golden fire burning in it. Illustration by Majin Roses.



Episodes Page with Full Summaries!

Episode 1 – “Tala and Death’s Embrace” with Guest Tobi Hill-Meyer

Tala and Death’s Embrace: Tala’s friend is gravely ill. To save her friend’s life, trickster Tala matches wits with Death in a series of over-the-top hijinks which culminate in a final confrontation with a sexy twist. Find out what it takes to save her friend’s life!

Episode 2 – “Tala and Godmother Death” Part 1 with Guest Liz Cruz

Episode 3 – “Tala and Godmother Death” Part 2 with Guest Tobi Hill-Meyer

Tala and Godmother Death: Inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tale “Godfather Death,” this story follows Death’s three godchildren and explores what happens when the most selfish and clever one comes across the trickster Tala.

Episode 4 – “Tala and Prince Hart” Part 1 with Guest Jessica Miriam Littenberg

Episode 5 – “Tala and Prince Hart” Part 2 with Guest Gina de Vries

Episode 6 – “Tala and Prince Hart” Part 3 with Guest Oblio Stroyman

Tala and Prince Hart: Prince Hart is asexual, but his parents and many suitors are having a hard time accepting that. When the trickster Tala decides to come to his aid, chaos naturally ensues in this exuberant story that is a playful response to the all too common romanticization of boundary-crossing behaviors!

Episode 7 – Self-love Special Part 1 with Collaborator Liz Cruz

Episode 8 – Self-love Special Part 2 with Collaborator Liz Cruz

A workshop-style collaboration that explores barriers to self-love and self-love practices as experienced by people living at the intersections of oppression. For episode 7 Liz and Fay are joined by Tobi Hill-Meyer, who reads her erotic story, “Self Reflection,” which explores the themes of self-love and self-talk in a rather surprising way. For episode 8 Jessica Littenburg reads her poem “Healing Is” which is about finding tools for dealing with chronic illness, Ryannah Quigley shares her inspirational experiences as a plus-sized trans woman of color working on the film project hashtag body beautiful, and the band Bicycle Face shares two children’s songs which combine fun and silliness with some important messages about self-love.

Episode 9 – “Dangerous Company” Part 1 with Guest Tobi Hill-Meyer

Episode 10 – “Dangerous Company” Part 2 with Guest Lara Milton

Episode 11 – “Dangerous Company” Part 3 with Guest Bex Shea

Dangerous Company: The last five dragon slayers died. Kalla is good at solving problems, but her skills will be tested as she embarks on her journey with the very dragon she is expected to kill disguised as her guide. Some interesting surprises are just around the corner…

Episode 12 – Contemporary Lesbian Romance by Yolanda Wallace

In this romance-themed interlude episode, Yolanda Wallace reads from her contemporary lesbian romance 21 Questions.

Episode 13 – Intersections with Kristina Gibbs-Ruby

This interlude episode is all about intersections, with a focus on fatness, disability, gender, and queer identity. Guest Kristina Gibbs-Ruby reads a powerful spoken word piece about bullying and fatphobia while Fay reads hir popular article, “Why Having Conditional Privilege Is Not the Same as Simply Being Privileged,” which delves into the complexity of invisible identities, privilege, oppression, gatekeeping, and the struggle to be recognized as real through hir personal experiences.

Episode 14 – The Wishing Dildo Series #1 with Lector Morales

Episode 14b – Art, Activism, and Disability with Lector Morales

Episode 15 – The Wishing Dildo Series #2 with Vee Chattie

Episode 15b – Sex Work Myth and Reality with Vee Chattie

Episode 16 – The Wishing Dildo Series #3 with Kathleen Lamothe

Episode 16b – Diverse Minds with Kathleen Lamothe

Episode 17 – The Wishing Dildo Series #4 with billie rain

The Wishing Dildo Part 1: It is said that the Wishing Dildo can grant any wish relating to sexuality or fertility, as long as that wish is consensual. Prince Hart sure hopes that is true as he and his friend, trickster Tala, embark on a quest for it. As they travel, they soon discover that sometimes the greatest adventure is the people you meet along the way.

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Podcast Description

In this podcast I read from my fictional work, currently my humorous trickster-focused Tala fairy tales, which I have created with a strong social-justice ethic that centers intersectional characters (my goals and approach to tacking oppression). Music and sound effects are added to enhance the story-telling.

Podcast discussions are designed to add richness to the stories and cover important social-justice issues. They cover a wide range of topics, such as the depiction of trans characters in media, the original fairy tale and historic sources for specific story ideas I’ve used, commonly used racist and ableist metaphors, and the power of art to connect to common human experiences.

Future discussion topics include unexpected things I have learned about fairy tale language structure, racism in the fantasy genre, my experiments in using dice to enhance world and character creation, and the reason I choose to eliminate sexism and homophobia in my world. These discussions may include topics covered in the discussion materials that I post with each story, but the podcast discussions will be unique.


Podcast Schedule

The current release schedule is one episode every three weeks on a Thursday, with story episodes alternating with additional discussion episodes. It is my hope to release Unfamiliar Heroes episodes every two weeks. Over the course of the listed episodes, stories are read in their entirety:

Episode 1: “Tala and Death’s Embrace

  • released in October of 2015

Episodes 2 & 3: “Tala and Godmother Death

  • released in November and December of 2015

Episodes 4, 5, & 6: “Tala and Prince Hart

  • released in January, February, and March of 2016

Episodes 7, 8: Writing Alchemy Self-Love Special

  • released in April and May of 2016

Episodes 9, 10, & 11: “Dangerous Company

  • released early July, mid-August, and early October of 2016

Episode 12: Interlude episode, Yolanda Wallace read an excerpt from her contemporary lesbian romance 21 Questions

  • released November of 2016

Episode 13: Interlude episode, “Why Having Conditional Privilege Is Not the Same as Simply Being Privileged” + a guest performance by Kristina Gibbs-Ruby

  • released early January 2017

Episodes 14, 15, 16, & 17: “The Wishing Dildo Part 1

  • Episodes 14, 14b, 15, 15b, 16, 16b, & 17 were released starting early February and running through the present
  • Episode 17b is planned for release on Thursday, July 6th

Unfamiliar Heroes Game 1 (using the Monsterhearts 2 system):

  • The first episode is planned for release on Thursday, July 27th

After that will come part 2 of “The Wishing Dildo,” then another Unfamiliar Heroes game, next will come part 3 of “The Wishing Dildo,” and so on. At some point there may be a more dramatic story, “The Rabbit, the Leopard, and the Fox,” and the beginning of my fairy tale novel.

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