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Writing Alchemy Calming Moment Summary

This is an experimental episode of Writing Alchemy where Fay describes five beautiful photographs of the Pacific Ocean in detail with the soothing sound of ocean waves in the background. This is an internet hug going out to all of the people who want a few minutes of tranquil calm in their day.

A photograph of a Pacific Ocean sunset taken from the edge of the water looking down the coastline. The water is silver blue with a faint mist rising up. In the distance is the line of a steep, dark, rocky hillside.


Show Notes

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Sound Credits
Ocean waves: ocean_waves_2.wav by mmiron | License: Attribution

The Photographs that Were Described (in Order)

Photograph taken looking straight out at the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The afternoon sun shines through the jade green peaks of the waves and catches the brilliant white foam and spray. The sky above is a clear blue and the valleys of the wave show hints of the deeper blue underneath.

Photograph of the afternoon sun reflecting silver off rough waves on a dark beach. To the right a steep dark cliff with a rippling edge lead out toward a cluster of steep jagged islands. The air is luminous with wisps of mist and fog that hang suspended as they slowly rise up to the silver clouds above.

Photograph of waves on a windy day. The sun is illuminating the water as the wind blows the spray from the cresting waves into dramatic flowing tails. These flowing arches of spray contrast dramatically with the dark rocky cliffs behind them. Underneath the water is deep blue.

Photograph of the evening sun reflecting off smooth rippling waves. The ocean is a mirror of luminous golden light surrounding a clump steep dark rocks and islands. The silhouette of a sea bird can be seen perched on top of a medium-sized rock. Above the sky is a soft golden pink that shades into purplish blue.

Photograph of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. This is a placid beach with golden sand and gentle waves. The sun is touching the horizon and as it illuminates the wispy clouds from underneath and reflects off the ripples in the water. There is a faint line of orange on the horizon with a deep blue sky above.

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