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Podcast Plans

Plans for the podcast are moving forward. Right now I am still searching for an artist create a banner for it and learning about the process of getting a podcast up on itunes so that we can get everything set up right from the beginning.

Here is what I do know right now: Each episode will include a discussion of one aspect of my writing and a reading from one of my stories. Writing discussion will include the original fairy tale and historic sources for specific story ideas I’ve used, unexpected things I have learned about fairy tale language structure, my experiments in using dice to enhance world and character creation, and the reason I choose to eliminate sexism and homophobia in my world.

Over the course of one or more episodes, stories will be read in their entirety, starting with the following schedule:

Episode 1: “Tala and Death’s Embrace”

Episodes 2 & 3: “Tala and Godmother Death”

Episodes 4, 5, & 6: “Tala and Prince Hart”

After that will hopefully be a 4th Tala story, then “Dangerous Company.”

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