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I am excited to announce my first ever vote for an illustration!

Did you enjoy reading “Tala and Death’s Embrace” or listening to it be read in Episode 1 of the podcast? Well, I am commissioning an illustration from the amazing Majin Roses to act as a cover image for this story and you get to vote on what that image will be!

I’ve always really enjoyed voting on subjects for illustrations so I wanted pass that enjoyment on to my readers and listeners.

Vote here:

This link will take you to the another website where you can place your vote and then view the results (please one vote per person). If you think that a friend will enjoy joining in the fun, please share this with them!

The voting will be open for a week (closing the night of Wednesday, May 4th), so it is not too late to experience this story and join in by making your vote. Enjoy!

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