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This super adorable illustration was created by the talented Meghan Dornbrock. It depicts an owlbear from The Owlbear Reintroduction Program, an adventure that is being released on the Writing Alchemy podcast (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4 have been released so far). Once the text of this adventure has been published, this illustration will become its cover image.

I’m sure that this illustration would look great on merch, but I’m don’t know how many of you would be interested in buying merch. So, if merchandise bearing this image is something you are excited about, let me know in a comment or a tweet. And be sure to tell me what kind of object (shirt, mug, poster…) you want to have this adorable owlbear on.

Cute and comical illustration of a brown owlbear sitting in the back of a wagon.

Illustration of a brown owlbear sitting in the back of a wagon. They have a feathered owl head and a furry bear body. A band of feathers encircles their waist. The owlbear has an intense, focused look on their face as they sit awkwardly on their tush with their hind legs splayed out. This adorable work of art was created by the amazing Meghan Dornbrock.


More about Meghan

Meghan is an amazing community member who regularly hosts discussions about disability and gaming on her podcast, Modifier, including hosting a two part discussion about Unfamiliar Heroes (Part 1 & Part 2). As a participant, she played Adre the hot-shot engineer in The Renegade Starship, a Star Trek themed Unfamiliar Heroes game (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3).

In her own words, “Meghan is a legally-blind illustrator and animator with albinism living in New York.” Meghan has been amazing to work with on this illustration, and if you are looking to hire an illustrator, I definitely recommend checking out her twitter where she has links and info pinned and getting in contact with her! In addition to characters illustrations from role-playing games, “Her brand includes magical girls, axes, libraries, braided dwarf beards, marshmallow rabbits, and tea.”

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