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Black and white photograph of a person creating an elaborate drawing of plants. They are shown from behind, with the camera focusing on the paper as they draw with their right hand. Their face isn’t visible, but they have short dark hair and brown skin.

We are searching for an artist to do a set of eighteen short character sketches as a paid commission. These are expected to be simple sketches that don’t take a lot of time and there will be no revisions without additional payment. Because many of these characters are people of color, we are especially interested in hiring a POC artist. Experience drawing nonbinary, trans, queer, and disabled characters with diverse body types would be a real plus.

The characters are from a vibrant and playful fantasy world with diverse species and cultures. Character species include a merperson, a bat-like imp, an elephantfolk person, and a clockwork minotaur. There are also characters that are twists on more familiar fantasy species, such as an elf with bright green hair and bark-like skin. In addition, many of the characters have intersecting marginalized identities.

These character sketches are for a set of premade characters created for Magic Goes Awry, an independent tabletop role-playing game. This is a rules-light game with lots of creativity and magical mayhem. Magic Goes Awry is specifically designed to be accessible and inclusive. As part of that, it is available for free online.


  • Number of Characters: 18
  • Budget: $200
  • Future Plans: We know that this is a limited budget for a project of this size. There is a long term plan to do a Kickstarter for the print edition of Magic Goes Awry. When this happens, additional payment for these sketches will be included.
  • Style: Given our budget, we expect these to be simple black and white sketches that capture just one or two aspects of each character.
  • Timeline: Ideally we’d like to have these sketches done by the end of 2019, but this timeline is open to negotiation.

Please spread the word about this! And if you are an artist who interested in doing this commission, please contact Fay using this form or send a direct message to the Writing Alchemy Twitter. Thank you!

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