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Graffiti that says, “Black Lives Matter.”


To start out with, check out this article on How to Safely Support Black Lives Matter Online.


This is a time for listening and action. Action can happen in both big and small ways. This is a list of ways to help that includes petitions, calls and texts, places to donate, and safety info for protestors:

List of ways you can help in English.

List of translations.


Here are some anti-racism resources for white people:

Twitter thread covering “the best ways white people can work for racial equity

Educate yourself list

This extensive list was compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein.

Understanding and Dismantling Racism: A Booklist for White Readers


Follow black artists and activists:

Twitter thread by Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services about podcasts to support: “Here are some shows that are headed by Black creativity, magic, rage, horror, and joy. Black storytellers, in their full and glorious range, matter. I’m not linking their @’s., but rather their Patreon/funding platforms bc PAY THEM”

Twitter thread by RPG Casts of black people in the tabletop role-playing game community to follow and support: “We need to uplift the black voices in our TTRPG community. Full stop. Not only today. Every day. Here are some folks you should be listening to.


Here are some places to donate to:

“Split a donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers”

“Support these orgs fighting for racial justice”

This list of bail funds updates when they reach their funding goals.

List of bail funds for protesters across the united states.

Black Visions Collective is a Minnesota organization whose mission is to transform their communities for Black lives to not only matter, but thrive. They build movements and advocate for policies to dismantle systems of violence and oppression.

Louisville Community Bail Fund is an organized effort by Black Lives Matter Louisville to collect funds for cash bails for people competing with the criminal justice system in financial hardship. Beyond bailing out community members, they also provide care and support after their release.

Campaign Zero strives to bring an end to police brutality and violence through holding agencies accountable for improving their relationship with local communities. Their efforts include pushing forward fair police union contracts, limiting use of force, and demilitarizing our police.

Rolling Stone also has a large list of organizations.


For those wanting some hopeful art to listen to during self-care time, I recommend Flyest Fables. For those who want to experience art that digs deeply into different aspects of oppression, I recommend the audio dramas Black Friday and Null and Void. (All three of these have transcripts on their websites.)

Flyest Fables: “Flyest Fables is an interconnected fiction anthology.” These hopepunk fables by Morgan Givens are a new hopeful mythology with deep roots African American histories and culture centered on the empowerment of people with intersecting identities.

Black Friday: “Every Friday a strange phenomenon turns white people into black people. America freaks out.” “Black Friday is an eight-part series written, produced, and directed by Tycho Newman.”

Null/Void: “Null/Void is a science fiction audio drama about a young woman, Piper Lee, whose life is saved by a mysterious voice named Adelaide. After uncovering a malicious plot, Piper and her friends must defend their small town from a family of ruthless billionaires who wish to exploit and destroy it. Piper must fight to save her home and discover the true identity of Adelaide.” Null/Void is created and directed by Cole Burkhardt.


Please take care of yourselves and each other! <3


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