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Crossroads Plants: Flute Grass

  Safety Rating: Beneficial. Environment: Wetlands. Details: Flute Grass is a kind of slow-growing, tall wetland grass. There are different varieties that can survive in different types of wetlands. As a result, Flute Grass can be found in most of the wetlands of Eastern Crossroads. The tall, hollow stems of Flute Grass have many tubes […]

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Crossroads Plants: Invisible Grass

  Safety Rating: Mildly dangerous. Environment: Grasslands. Details: This magical grass grows in small clumps that are two and a half feet tall. Every part of the grass that is above ground is completely invisible. This invisibility is a type of Sensing Magic that bends light around the plant. Because of this, any creature or […]

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Crossroads Plants: Wind Grass

  Safety Rating: Situationally dangerous. Environment: Grasslands. Details: This silvery grass can change the wind’s direction or increase its speed to spread its pollen, distribute its seeds, and draw in rainy weather. Wind Grass by itself is harmless, but it can spread windborne hazards and it makes grassland fires significantly more dangerous. Lore: There are […]

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