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Crossroads Peoples: Merpeople

  Overview: Merpeople are a sapient, part-human and part-fish, aquatic species. They can breathe both water and air, and regularly use wheelchairs for mobility on land. Physical Description: Merpeople have a humanoid upper body and a fish tail. How human-looking their upper body is varies from population to population. Some groups have entirely human-like upper […]

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Kai Champion of Fate the Merfolk Hero

Download Character Sheet: Kai Character Sheet You can find the other premade characters here.   Who Kai Is Player:                                Name Pronunciation: kah-ee Gender: Nonbinary. Manner: Awkward. Goal: To protect. Backstory: Kai grew up on a small kelp farm in the coastal waters of the southern Circular Sea. When the pirate Alex Barrow stole […]

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