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New Podcast Episode!

I’ve just released Writing Alchemy Episode 10! This is a fun nerdy one for all of you gamers out there, and, of course, the story reading is brought alive with sound effects and music.

Editor and collaborative storyteller Lara Milton joins Fay for the reading of part 2 of “Dangerous Company,” which follows the growing romance between Kalla and the dragon, Har. This section of the story delves into both eroticism as Kalla and Har get closer with each other and into conflict as Har struggles with her own draconic territorialism. The following, delightfully nerdy, discussion focuses on tabletop role playing games as writing inspiration and delves into the some of nitty-gritty details of writing, comparing and contrasting first person and third person perspectives in fiction.

Dangerous Company: The last five dragon slayers died. Kalla is good at solving problems, but her skills will be tested as she embarks on her journey with the very dragon she is expected to kill disguised as her guide. Some interesting surprises are just around the corner…

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