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List of webcomic recommendations from Writing Alchemy Podcast Episode 30 (Please share your own recommendations for medium to low intensity webcomics!):

Validation: This comic focuses on the experiences of a trans woman who is involved in a modern geeky gaming and comic book culture. It touches on big issues without getting bogged down into drama. Highly recommended!:

Rock and Riot: This is a completed comic that is a series of short, fast paced chapters with queer, trans, nonbinary, and asexual characters in a 1950s setting. It has strong POC representation. Highly recommended!:

White Noise: This comic focuses on the lives of monsters in a fantasy setting that blends magic with real world technology. It has gorgeous art and strong queer, trans, and POC representation, along with some disability representation. Be aware that it does have significant amounts of intense content. However, there is space in the comic for characters to be supported around their trauma and to heal. That and the connections between the characters make the intense content in this comic easier to hand. (Text below each page transcribes the entire page. I find that reading it highlights interesting aspects of the comic.):

Tripping Over You: This is a cute modern romance and relationship comic centered on a male-male couple:

Tripping Over You dramatized on youtube (All of the dialogue is read by voice actors.):

Questionable Content: This comic focuses on the lives of a large group of friends in a mostly modern setting that includes sentient AIs with android bodies. The current storyline has a large cast that includes respectful representation of trans and queer characters, as well as good representation of neurodiversity. (Personally, I don’t like the oldest stuff in the archive and I recommend avoiding the joke comics and guest comics the author posts on holidays as those tend toward violent humor.):

Love Not Found: This is a cute scifi romance comic that is focused on a main male-female couple, which also contains significant time spent on other couples. It has significant queer, nonbinary, and POC representation. At times it touches on some intense content (mostly focused around a significant trauma in the past of the central character.):

Xkcd: This comic is a bunch of individual science, tech, and nerd jokes. (Note that this comic has a few reoccurring characters, but it does not have a plot):

Rain: This is a modern high school drama centering on a queer trans woman and her group of friends. There is also significant queer, nonbinary, and asexual representation. Note that there is significant angst, drama, and tough stuff that the teens here are dealing with. However, the connections between the characters and the loving community they create make this heavy content easier manage.:

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: This is a really lovely comic about two gay guys that has some family conflict, that also is really beautiful and pretty chill for the most part. It is a comic about a modern day road trip that contains significant POC representation.

Never Satisfied: This high fantasy comic focuses on a large cast of characters with great queer, nonbinary, and POC representation. The plot has many sweet moments, but it also contains some intense content. There are multiple nonbinary main characters!:

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