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Website Updates

A yellow hard hat with the words "under construction" written on it in black letters.

A yellow hard hat with the words “under construction” written on it in black letters.

Mobile Optimization

I am happy to announce that I have been able to implement a significantly improved mobile version of the the site, including a mobile friendly theme and faster loading times! This is an important improvement that should improve accessibility.


Contact Form

I finally have a proper contact form so that it will be easier for all of you to get in touch with me!


Ko-fi Donate Button

This is an alternative way for people to support my work. I know that monthly donations don’t work for everyone. Now you can make individual donations as well.


Website Organization Improvements

Previously a lot of information was buried in blog portion of my website. I now have a page for the guest appearances I have done so that you can find all of the amazing podcasts I have been a guest on. In addition, I have updated the Articles and Other Fiction pages to include more content so that all website content has an easy to find home. The excessively long About Page has had some content moved to other pages, including the new Fay Onyx Page. And the outdated podcast description has finally been updated, as has the website menu!


So Many Other Things

The most noticeable of these changes is faster website loading and the addition of social media sharing buttons. In addition, the Writing Alchemy is now on Google Play.

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