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After a small delay, Writing Alchemy Episode 9 is up! It has extensive sound effects and music sequences to enhance the story telling. I hope you enjoy!

Media creator and community-organizer Tobi Hill-Meyer joins Fay for the reading of part 1 of “Dangerous Company,” which begins with an angry gender-switching dragon and the woman the townsfolk have hired to kill her. However Kalla the problem-solver is not what either the townsfolk or dragon expect. The following discussion delves deep into ethical ways for artists to address oppression in their work, the changes I made to this story, and the ways marginalized people are often identified with monsters in stories.

Dangerous Company: The last five dragon slayers died. Kalla is good at solving problems, but her skills will be tested as she embarks on her journey with the very dragon she is expected to kill disguised as her guide. Some interesting surprises are just around the corner…

Listen now!

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