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I’ve just released Episode 8 of my podcast which is the second half of the Writing Alchemy Special on Self-Love. I was smiling so much as I was editing the audio for this, there is a lot of great stuff in this episode! Please check it out!

Summary: This episode is a workshop-style collaboration that explores self-love practices with a focus on the experiences and art of people living at the intersections of oppression. In this episode Jessica Littenburg reads her poem “Healing Is” which is about finding tools for dealing with chronic illness, Ryannah Quigley shares her inspirational experiences as a plus-sized trans woman of color working on the film project hashtag body beautiful, and the band Bicycle Face shares two children’s songs which combine fun and silliness with some important messages about self-love. Discussion also delves into using art to push back against oppression, giving ourselves permission, valuing what we are doing, self-compassion, and using ritual as a tool for change.

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