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Guesting on Modifier!

So excited to be a guest on the Modifier podcast along with game masters Jordan Green, and Anna Murray for Episode 43: Get Acquainted with the Unfamiliar Heroes – Part 1. Accessibility is a reoccurring theme of the Modifier podcast, allowing us to really delve into this topic in detail. This was a great conversation and I hope you give it a listen!

“Fay Onyx, the mastermind behind the Unfamiliar Heroes podcast project, and two of its GMs, Anna Murray and Jordan Green, chat about what it’s like to run an actual play with diverse players and characters at the core. This first part of our conversation focuses on addressing the needs of players, and considering how accessible your game system itself is.”

Modifier is a bi-weekly interview-style podcast focused on the cool ways people alter games and gaming in the pursuit of better storytelling and a super fun time! From fully-realized published systems to in-progress homebrews, we’re on a mission to highlight all the heroes that are modding games to better tell their stories.

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